Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Everybody knows trivial everyone, we like it history that way, April 22 Sun comes up and goes down, another birth another day...

Have become addicted to the "forensic fairy tale" comedy series Pushing Daisies.
Quite like the sets, Katherine Hepburnesque dresses , the pies and narration the dead-coming-back-to-life thang is pretty interesting.

Speaking of the dead coming back to life - The Bring Back Dave & Grace Fan Club held an extraordinary meeting (extraordinary as the President supplied buttered coffee scrolls for all members without passing round the hat first) where it was nominated and seconded that the now-defunct-but-popular-in-rerun Something In The Air rural soap should be dragged back out of the coffin it was shoved in (due to the President realising the reruns were about to run out of episodes!).
We shall begin sending emails to Emu Springs and 3ES immediately!

1843 News from The Land of The Long White Cloud included the exciting discovery of caves full of human bones who provided a good pot of stew as their final act of kindness...pass the tooth picks and spare the cranberry sauce, Jeeves!

 1846 News from Port Phillip was full of woe - the land was too dry (imagine that!), drapers' assistants had shortened their working hours, butchers refused to sell meat on Sundays (the nerve!), pubs and licences were on the rise (some things never change!), Melbourne rents were skyrocketing (again, nothing new!) and those down Western Port way were being loud and rowdy about their post offices....

1874 There was a general election held in Victoria....because someone, somewhere wanted to be important!
Dunno.....and don't care.
Teapot is hot, might have another cuppa....

1882 Bust open the champers, boys and girls, the railway line from Cope Cope to Donald was ready to run the sleek wheels of those lovely trains.
Cope Cope train station was on the Mildura railway line, just a bit before the Donald Freezing Company Siding (which was just a smidgeon before Donald itself) but after the Swanwater station which came just after Sutherland train station ...which was just a tad after St Arnaud (which is still where it was put...I think).

1936 The Ratana Church and the NZ Labour Party (who can still spell correctly) sealed their alliance today.


  1. "I know of no position more calculated to excite than to seat yourself in one of these gloomy vaults."

    What an odd little man. I bet he was really entertaining at parties.

  2. He was a must-have at progressive dinners, too, Brian!

  3. ok, the train stations had me confused........ I'm glad you think they are still where they were put!

  4. The Ballarat suburb of Wendouree West is getting a new rail connection - so the bogans can get home without vandalising everything on their way from the pubs to boganville, which ought to be the name of this new station, god knows it will be defaced right after the opening ceremony.
    But seriously dear Jayne, today
    I am pushing for Animal welfare and need everybody to visit this site which will post you a divine Mothers Day Gift for your Beloved Mother, and the purchase funds the fight against animal cruelty in Australia ( a LOT of which there is - just Guugle "bobby calves" if you think the milk industry is not cruel).

  5. I watched an episode of Pushing Daisies, but it's not my thing, I couldn't enjoy it.

  6. Those train stations have me completley lost!

  7. No, they'd disappeared all but one of them, B lol.

    My Beloved Mother will need a uber-strong scent these days, Brownie, coz she's kinda dead ;)
    But tis ok, she sits in her urn (actually a plastic box thing) on top of my wardrobe watching over The Spouse and I....,aww bless.

    That's ok, River, I'll enjoy it for you ;)

    Just follow the yellow brick road, Rhubarb...or the smell of axle grease... ;)