Saturday, April 4, 2009

Footy wins hands down....

The Kinglake Footy Club , devastated by Black Saturday bushfires, will be kicking goals this arvo when the Victorian Country footy season rips into a new year.
You can show support by attending the match or listen to the action via webstreaming of ABC Kinglake.

The Mighty Poowong Magpies are promising fast and furious matches to storm their way up the ladder, beginning this arvo at Koo Wee Rup.
Get on the bandwagon early so you can crow "I told you so" or how about joining the Country Football tipping competition?!

Get back to grass roots football where you can support the talent before the AFL unearths them and follow the fabulous Poowong Maggies climb up the ladder on the scoreboard HERE.
Adopt a Country Footy team and keep the traditions alive!


  1. Alternatively you could take up archaeology...

  2. Our local league team are magpies........

  3. ...whilst listening to the footy on the radio!
    Brilliant idea, Brian!

    It's a sign from the Universe, B, you MUST join up and follow Aussie Rules LOL :P