Saturday, April 4, 2009

Get this trivial party started on a history Saturday night, everybody's waiting 4 April me to arrive

I heard from the Aust. Defence Force yesterday regarding the possible remains of my great uncle at Fromelles - Oxford Archaeology got the job to excavate Pheasant Wood, beginning in May, with DNA tests starting after they've exhumed the remains and if they're able to extract material suitable for DNA testing.
They hope to have the boys all reburied in their own graves, with full military funerals, by this time next year in the new cemetery they're starting to construct within the coming months.

On a lighter note Feral Beast is registered and has completed the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge with 40 books under his belt already.
I just haven't told him he only needs to read 15 books on the challenge list, not 100 every year....
Why, Yes, I am a bitch.
You say that like it's a bad thing.

Goodness, some idjit pronounced it Tell A Lie Day  today.
I know a couple of people (yes, you know who you are!) who have celebrated this numerous times  every day, such is their devotion to it!

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Yummy Stew/Casserole.
Finely chop/dice 1 medium sized onion, toss into saucepan with a tiny dollop of oil and sautee over small flame.
Finely chop/dice carrot, parsnip, cabbage, sprouts, pumpkin, bugger it any veggie that takes your fancy in fact, chuck into the saucepan with the onion and gently heat through.
Tip just enough H2o into the pot till the veggies are barely covered, throw the lid on and let it simmer away for about an hour.
Get the chuck stewing steak out (the one your butcher prepared earlier) hack the fat off and dice into cubes.
Chuck the chuck into the pot, give it all a stir, toss in herbs and spices and all things nices, stock, give it a stir and replace the lid for another 30 mins.
If you've thrown in too much water, thicken with noodles/pasta or whatever you can unearth in your, we're leaving the bodies in the veggie patch for the moment, Norman.
Make sure you give the stew a regular stir, when you like the cut of its jib decant it into bowls and stick it under people's noses.

1844 The cutter America was wrecked in the Torres Strait with the sole survivor, 16 yr old Scottish Barbara Thompson wife of the captain, adopted by the local Aboriginal People until she was found by the survey party from HMS Rattlesnake in 1849.

Sydney's Pride History Group next General Meeting
Monday, 6 April 2009 6:30pm
Benledi, 186 Glebe Pt Road, Glebe
Please send agenda items to
To wash away the nasty taste of all those porky-pies, guzzle some orange juice as it's also Vitamin C Day.

1923 The Country Women's Association (CWA) held it's first ever conference in Sydney.

2001 When Dame Sylvia Cartwright became Gov-Gen of NZ she fell into step beside PM Helen Clark, Leader of the Opposition Jenny Shipley, Attorney-General Margaret Wilson and Chief Justice Sian Elias - all women. {sarcastic gasp of shock}
If that ever happened in Oz the redneck males would be squealing about "an evil female agenda to take over the whole country"... (which actually happened years ago but we haven't got around to sending them a memo on it yet).

Stuff happened on this day, supposedly... people just chose to keep it under a bushel and not brag to the whole world about it.


  1. OMG I'm first and I've forgotten what I wanted to say.

    It was one post down, I've been able to cook just about everything except bread, never had bread rise for me. (don't even think about it Hughes)

    I've cooked a 12 egg pavlova on a huge glass plate, whipped up a half dozen christmas cakes and puddings and made chocolates to die for but not bread.

  2. "I know a couple of people (yes, you know who you are!) who have celebrated this numerous times every day, such is their devotion to it!"

    No you don't you little fibber.

    "(don't even think about it Hughes)"

    I'm trying my best not to Witchy.

  3. My lovely husband is one of those who celebrates the holiday you mention. Maybe not multiple times a day, but often enough.

  4. It's all in the wrist action, J.....of kneading!
    Kneading the bread I meant!
    I daren't attempt a pav, I know I'll end up with enough scrambled eggs to feed an army ;)

    Seriously, Brian, would I lie to you? :P

    Ahhh, but there's a difference between white lies, Dina, and turning comments/events into something so unrecognisable that the person it originated from doesn't realise that it's them that's being gossiped about ;)

  5. Yeah. There's a lot of different types of lies.

    I don't like any of them really...but especially the ones that are not little white ones.

  6. I hear ya, Dina, but it just shows how poor self-esteem and (in some cases) mental health status is for people to feel the need to constantly lie to falsely boost their ego.

  7. Jayne.

    Yeah, definitely.

    My husband lies to save his ass from getting in trouble.

    He doesn't really need to lie to boost his ego. He's full of talent and has a fascinating life story. That in itself might be more annoying than the lies ; )

  8. ROFL !!!!!

    Jaynie sweetheart, you make history so much fun !!!!!!

  9. I need you to tell my kids about the premiers reading challenge............. lol

    Not a bitch at all. Just a cunning plan ;)

  10. Probably more a nervous habit, Dina ;)

    Thanks, WS , I aim to please ;)

    LOL, B, I'll certainly whisper in their shell-like ears ... ;)

  11. Is it also Madwoman Stalker day? They would go hand in hand.