Monday, April 6, 2009

I bless the trivial rains down in history Africa, gonna take some April 6 time to do the things we never had...

Had the pleasure (?) of watching the biggest pile of codswallop BS parading as Aussie history on pay TV last night.
According to the American narrator it was Gov Arthur PhillipS (no S), Gov Hoe-them (pronounced Hoth-am) was just a misguided man (who knew exactly what he was doing) who hadn't really listened to the requests from the miners at Ballarat and Ben-DIE-go (Bendigo, pronounced Ben-dee-go), James Scobie was found murdered in some isolated bush setting weeks after his death (he was killed in a fight at the local pub).
The Eureka Stockade was led by the Californian Rangers (what was Peter Lalor elected as leader for, then?) who started the fight by bravely shooting at the troops in broad daylight (the troops attacked at dawn catching the miners by surprise) Peter Lalor supposedly fainted from blood loss and did not continue in the fight (he kept fighting although his arm was so badly injured it had to be amputated) the NSW govt had to be bullied by Edward Hargraves to announce his discovery of gold (NSW govt had offered 10,000 pound reward for discovery of gold and Hargraves falsely claimed the reward when the Tom brothers had actually found the gold).
That the Eureka Flag inspired our current flag design (yeah, I wish!), that the bullying over the miners' licences was a hidden secret conspiracy agenda to stop the lower classes from gaining wealth and power (and here I thought the govt just wanted to line their coffers!).
Biggest pile of horse shyte seen outside a stable!

In USA it's Tartan go wrap yourself in a plaid and get tartin' about.

1830 Today the rot set in ....when William Hamilton became the first full-time fully PAID bank manager.
You've only encouraged the buggers to hang around and breed...

1853 Charlie La Trobe was not a happy charlie (nor a well boy) but on this day the Colonial Office finally accepted his resignation as Gov. of Victoria.

1864 Seven Brit soldiers were killed and 12 injured when their patrol was ambushed at Taranaki by Pai Marire warriors.
The dead really lost their heads after that... *groan*

1968 Top Aussie single was The Beatles' Lady Madonna.
No, kiddies, not the cruel one who wants to adopt kids in orphanages and do unspeakable things to them like give them a decent home, a good education, the chance to live beyond their childhood....

1980 Over The Ditch the Kiwi's were crooning along with Ry Cooder in the top spot with Little Sister.

2006 NZ Parliament passed the legislation with the pickled onions to make NZ Sign Language the 3rd Official language behind English and Maori.
Even though the Aussie Govt hasn't promoted Auslan in a similar fashion, the single finger is a pretty universal message they understand....


  1. "In USA it's Tartan Day"

    I'm donning the Cameron sporans of my ancestors as I type...which is making it difficult.

  2. What's the name of the prog that's got you so riled up, Jayne? (Ben-DIE-go ... maybe they thought it was the name for another form of dizzy spell ... tch!)

  3. I've always found an extension of the middle finger has got the point across the world over.

  4. yup, middle finger signs are pretty universal!

  5. Don't tell me you're related to Sir Ewen Cameron, too, Brian?! LOL

    I'll email you the name of the program, Lisa, although I think they've finished with the Land of Oz now lol.

    Yep, B and Anja - that middle finger speaks volumes lol ;)

  6. I had no idea that it was Tartan Day. I did go commando today. Freeballin' should count for something.

  7. Lucky we have you Jayne to keep our history knowledge accurate!

  8. Wherever you be, let your balls swing free, Evyl :P

    Thanks, Deb lol.