Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I died, too many trivial years ago,you can make history me feel like it isn't so April 29

Having just watched the final ep of Torchwood I'm now thoroughly educated that  -
  • There is only 1 police station in the whole of Cardiff, Wales.
  • Man-sized Weavils don't roam the streets like kangaroos as we've been led to believe.
  • Random buildings exploding throughout Cardiff won't result in mass panic and hysteria like we were promised.
  • A gut wound will let you live just long enough to have an audience for your final moments - despite the huge puddle of blood you're soaking in.
  • Being dead is no cure for radiation sickness.

And so we look forward to the next installment of that sexy, yummy, delectable thing that is Ianto Jones aka Eye Candy....or Captain John the naughty one who likes bondage....

And if you're having trouble placing todays title lyrics, try HERE.

1952 The ANZUS Treaty came into force - where Oz, NZ and America promised to share their deepest secrets, swap tips on boyfriends and to wax each other's back, sack and crack when needed.
Maybe not.
Just as well I didn't mention anal bleaching, eh?

1954 The big Russian Bear and the Aussie 'Roo stopped do-see-doe-ing around the dance floor and played at being wall-flowers....a little something to do with the Petrov affair.

1967 A referendum was held in NSW - 'cause the BBQ idea got rained out several weekends in a row - to vote on creating a new state somewhere in NSW.
The majority spoke and voted Bert Newton off the island not to carve up anymore land.

1988 The Stockman's Hall of Fame was officially opened in Longreach.
Well, we had to give Queen Liz something to keep her out of mischief, didn't we?!

1989 The Taranaki Herald published it's last ever edition; alas twas the oldest fish 'n' chip wrapper in The Shaky Isles.


  1. Wasn't that last episode of Torchwood tragic? Not the fact that half the cast died...just the fact that they bothered making it at all.

  2. I would watch Torchwood even if it was just one long shot of John Barrowman standing around in his great coat looking soulful... oh wait... it mostly is :grin:

    Romantic death scene for our loving couple.

  3. Oh, Brian, I liked it.
    Gotta love a dead guy saving the that sounds familiar :P

    He looks delicious in anything, Marita, and I bet he makes even his birthday suit look stunning :big dirty grin:

  4. I haven't watched Torchwood in quite a while. Seems I have some catching up to do. Who dies?

  5. I'm with Marita - so long as Cap'n Jack is looking gorgeous somewhere in the shot, I'll watch Torchwood. Not that I've had a chance to watch lately.
    Hopefully will be able to watch some tele in June...... (at the end of semester)

  6. Not telling, River, I don't like dropping spoilers when people haven't seen it ;)

    Eek, Amanda, don't remind me - Feral Beast has an assignment due on Friday ...I might get my 'puter back after that lol.