Thursday, April 2, 2009

I never trivial can say history goodbye, no, no April 2, no , no, no

I'm a happy lil camper, having spent the day yesterday with my 2 bois from The 'Gong.
They make surprise trips down to Melbourne and take me out and about, wining and dining me as we play tourist and do fun things.
Yesterday we played at the Melbourne Aquarium...yes, we left the marine wildlife intact, not a bite of sushi passed our lips, Your Honour!....and then we hunted down a nice lil cafe for a late lunch, a long chat that involved many jokes and several lattes.
Then we played some more.
They'd hired a convertible and we had the top down.
On the freeway.
At 100 km per hour.
I loves me my bois!

Today is World Autism Awareness Day.
So go read the link already!

1844 The first permanent synagogue in Oz was opened in Sydney.

1852 There's gold in them thar....pedal boats?!
22 blokes raided the barque Nelson, which was quietly sitting at anchor off Williamstown (like a puppy tied to a lamp post while its owner was inside the TAB sweatin' it on horse 5 in the 3rd race...but that's another story) and they made off with 8,000 oz gold that was never recovered.
But the boat lived happily ever after.
The End.

1879 Those travelling on the Oakleigh to South Yarra line today - take some balloons and streamers along.
Chuck 'em about....oh, ok, well as you're pressed tightly into the burly bloke's armpit give a muffled birthday cheer for the Sth Yarra to Oakleigh Line which opened on this day.
And, no, handing out free balloons to strangers will just get you labelled as "that crazy person, stay right away, I heard she/he speaks to the dead...or dead pigeons, I forget which".

1916 Rua Kenana, the self-styled Messiah, was arrested by 57 armed men.
Read more HERE.

1969 Excitingly Barry Beach Railway line was birthed when it was given a sex change.
Made ya look.

2006 The Auckland City Council were seeing more than dead people when they granted $2,500 to the Foundation of Spiritual Mediums to teach people how to communicate with the dead and were awarded the Pigasus Award for doing so on this date.
I find a bottle of Bundy rum works for me - cheaper, faster, no exams to sit and you can speak in tongues for hours afterwards.


  1. "I find a bottle of Bundy rum works for me"

    Just don't order it later than midnight, because they won't serve spirits after hours.

  2. "2006 The Auckland City Council were seeing more than dead people when they granted $2,500 to the Foundation of Spiritual Mediums to teach people how to communicate with the dead."

    Correct, but wrong date: the Council committee agreed to fund the group in May 2005. NZ Herald article from the time.

  3. I was looking forward to some random balloon handing out at our local train station today. Ahhh well. Will have to wait until I have some sort of excuse so I don't get locked up in the crazy lady ward.

  4. Auckland City Council has been known to get itself involved with all sorts of craziness.

    First question on the application form:

    "Are you an insane stalker?"

  5. hmmm........ I have no train to hand balloons out at...... nor can I stomach rum........

  6. To be fair to Auckland City Council -- and, it should be said here, that most of those who were on the committee way back in 2005 are either no longer in office or are certainly no longer in positions of such power as they had -- although I would also question them funding a spiritualist group for the purposes they intended, it wouldn't be right to discriminate just because the thought is there that it's daft. Spiritualism is a religious belief, and we don't discriminate against people on the basis of faith. Folks believe in all sorts of things and are still part of our common society, even though we may thing "Well, that's a strange belief!"

    The spiritualist funding is nothing. That didn't even rate a blip. Now, funding overseas trips to study hip-hop dancing ... that was a doozy ...

  7. Boom, boom, Brian :P

    I plead tiredness and find I omitted the bit about them winning the Pigasus Award on this date, Lisa, all corrected now ;)

    At least wait till you've got a bajillion cats, Marita :P

    Some govts do have a variation of that on their forms, Anja.
    It's always entertaining when people make excuses for having failed the psychological testing component ;)

    Make it condoms and bourbon and you're in, B ;)

  8. Studying hip hop dancing, Lisa???!!!
    Did many councillors bust a move ( or any body part, for that matter) ?

  9. T'wasn't a city council who granted $26,000 to a mum and her daughter for an overseas tiki-tour of New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa and Paris to study hip-hop -- it was a government agency.

    Some of the story here.

    $26,000 compared with $2,500? That's why the spiritualism thing hasn't entered the public consciousness as much as the former.

  10. With 2,500 bucks worth of cheap booze, I could see all kinds of spirits.

  11. Lisa, that is the biggest wank-fest of money wasting I think I've read in recent times!
    The yam growing was another load of bollocks - wonder if I can have a hand out from my local govt body to pop over to visit....errr, I mean to investigate how you research your articles, the methods WS uses to homeschool her boys, Liz's artistic skills and how Kelly and Janine construct their scrapbooking?
    All for the benefits of the community, of course ;) lol.

    With $2,500 worth of booze on board you'd be seeing pink elephants, too, Evyl!

  12. And thanks to Andrew who alerted me on the mucked up link to Rua Kenana's biography.
    All fixed now :)

  13. Ballarat Synagogue, the oldest synagogue on the Australian mainland, situated on the Victorian goldfields, established in 1853. ...

    Hi Jayne - the mob above obviously don't get out much. The 'Rat 'Gog is very handy to Hungry Jacks and apparently will be demolished soon for their carpark extension
    (Hi HighRiser.

    Jayne I am envious of your Big Day Out with the top down an doin the ton. Rock ON.

  14. What a beautiful day you had!

    And Jayne, I don't think the oakleigh-south yarra line has been upgraded since...

  15. I could use me some spirits now - pass the bundy

  16. The drive was murder on the hair but so worth it, Ann lol ;)

    It was fab, MD :)
    And, yep, that line is a living time capsule.

    Would you like some coke with that, Amanda, or you happy to take the bear on single-handedly? :P