Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Henery the trivial 8th I am, history Henery the April 8th I am, I am....

Had a wonderful time at the State Library yesterday ; got myself registered (at long last) as a library user - with my own card (yippee).
Yes, reading that last line it really highlights the fact I don't have a life when I can get excited by having a library card.
Anyways, moving right along...we had so much fun burbling about in the geneology and newspaper archives we had to order the books for Feral Beast to study for Thursday.
So we get to run amok in the city for a second time this week AND we'll be able to go have a look at Wunderkammer in Lonsdale Street.
Hopefully I'll remember the camera !

1817 The first bank in Oz, the Bank of NSW, set up for business in Mary Reibey's (the chick on the Aussie $20 note) house in Macquarie Place.

1873 Julius Vogel had an empty dance card so he became Premier of NZ on this day.

1883 The first lot of Canterbury lamb (don't forget the mint sauce!) sailed off into the sunset (I've seen Black Sheep, I know how these things work!) from Lyttelton Harbour for the UK (I saw Bad Taste, too, and survived to tell the tale!) on board the ship British King.

1933 The Sandgropers voted in a state-wide referendum (even though the other states would have given them a helping hand) to secede from the rest of the Isle of Oz.
Sadly, this dream has not come to pass and as punishment we have been cursed with This and This.

1996 Part of the multi-million dollar (I didn't under-value it, did I, Brumby?) Kew Cottages for The Disabled was damaged by fire with 9 deaths.


  1. Now that you've finally joined the literati set, (eighty-three years and you'd never joined the library?) you can ask 'em to stock a few of my books.

  2. LMFAO, Brian!
    The funny thing is our little, local library appears to have more books on the particular Aboriginal Peoples FB needs to write about in his essay, than the huge State Library holds!

  3. I joined our state library a few months back. Did it online, got sent my library card in the mail! It's a bit different

  4. okay so I must be sad too cos getting a library card for your state library would excite me too lol. Personally I think its the fact I love books and to read. Have fun frolicking through the library.

  5. The joy of a leisurely day perusing a library. Bliss.

  6. Oooh, a library card! It's about time. Now you can spend hours browsing, choosing, borrowing, frantic gathering and returning just before they fine you for late returns.........oh wait, that's my daughter. I currently belong to 4 libraries, although I haven't been to the Burnside one in 3 years.

  7. It is, hey, B ? But in a cool way lol.

    I have a lot planned for this itty bitty card, Janine ;)

    I lurves me the State Library, Anja ;)

    I'm the same, River, but the State Library was a biggie ;)