Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm seriously underwhelmed

I watched a news program on the idiot box last night as it featured an interview with BushBabe's friend who'd recently lost her 4 week old baby girl Dana to Whooping Cough.
I did the usual soppy thing and had a little cry along with the mother and father on the screen who'd had a beautiful baby and suddenly had her snatched away from them due to this so-called "harmless childhood disease".
And then I got bloody pissed off.
As did the rest of my family who were watching it. The phone lines were running hot in furious indignation.
For baby Dana had died because someone was a carrier of Whooping Cough and that someone could very well be not vaccinated just because of their beliefs.
In northern NSW where this happened 1 in 3 kids are not immunised by their parents' choice, not from medical reasoning.
There was an ignorant, stupid woman included in the interview who was claiming that vaccines will cause all sorts of illnesses, brain damage (including the usual BS about Autism) then to rub salt into the wound she proudly claimed all of her family had had Whooping Cough twice over.
And she lives only 20 kms from the family who lost a baby to that "harmless childhood disease".
She stated that "No one died of these childhood illnesses 30 yrs ago and no one will die of them today".
If "no one will die from them today" WTF happened to that poor, defenceless baby?

People with compromised immune systems, the elderly, the young, those with medical conditions that preclude immunisations - they all rely on YOU to have the vaccine to protect them.
So next time you decide to not immunise your child, take a good long look in the mirror at the most selfish prick in the world - yourself.
Not only are you putting your children at risk but you're condemning countless thousands of others to illness and possibly death.

When people are dying will you be able to look them in the eye and proudly state your convictions in your beliefs?
Or won't you be there to nurse your victims?

As polio is making a comeback will you be the idiot to welcome it into your home with open arms and treat it with homeopathic drops?
Or will you just expect the tax-payer to fork out the dosh you'll need for the kids when they can't walk, talk, feed themselves or shyte their pants?

When you're pregnant and you catch Rubella, have a good read up on the side effects of yet another "harmless childhood disease" while you're booking a place in the Special Ed school for your unborn baby.

Don't forget - now that there's all this "inclusiveness" you won't be able to hide the brain damaged away in the institutions , so sad too bad you'll be faced with your handiwork each and every day.
Such a pity we can't round up the selfish, self centred idiots who choose to play Russian roulette with other people's lives and lock them away like Typhoid Mary.


  1. What part of proven and tested science don't they understand?

  2. Well said Jayne.

    Just because a disease has not been around a while doesn't mean it won't come back.

  3. well said Jayne.
    I read baby Dana's story on FB. My heart aches for her family.
    I nursed several babies/children with pertussis and it was horrific watching them struggle to breathe.
    I cannot imagine why people chose not to immunise.

  4. "When people are dying will you be able to look them in the eye and proudly state your convictions in your beliefs?"


    Given the nature of people with such ludicrous convictions in the first instance, I'm surprised you're even bothering to ask them the question.

  5. Wow... makes me mad as hell too. I honestly think people who DON'T immunise DON'T fully realise the full implications of their decision. Surely.

    I understand people being nervous about complications. I do. But I don't understand when they are sat down with facts (the actual facts, not mumbo jumbo dreamed up by some woman whose kid got a rash once) how they can still refuse to be part of what needs to be a community approach. That really stumps me.

    Thanks for your feedback jayne.

  6. No-one died of these illnesses 30 years ago...
    I saw this fu**wit last night too and wanted to smack her one. She should read all the medical histories from years past that state that children did indeed die from this and other illnesses. I'm seriously doubting whether her family actually had whooping cough or just a very heavy chest cold.
    I'm in favour of immunisation, always have been. Like dambuster said, just because it hasn't been seen for a while, doesn't mean it isn't still there. There's been an occasional case of Diptheria recently too.

  7. I was brought up in a TB house and thank goodness for the BCG vaccination as my father had active TB when my sister and I were concieved. I used to go right off when people carried on about HIV, at least you had to do something to catch that but one person only had to sneeze on a bus for 12 people to get infected with TB. Same thing with Rubella, how many pregnant women walk past a kid who's showing no symptoms?
    We don't see the disease because most baby boomers were vaccinated, save me from the dills of this world.

  8. Thank you everyone - exactly!

  9. Fuck it, damn it, and you know full well how furious this shit makes me feel.

    I've watched the babies whoop like a seal for their last breath. I've consoled the poor fucker who is infertile because he contracted mumps. And I've held the hand of the mother whose child has died of encephalitis. These idiots, and the word is so much worse, who will endanger others lives due to their bullshit beliefs should be isolated on Gitmo. Sorry for the rant.