Friday, April 17, 2009

In the midnight trivial hour I can feel your history power, just like a prayer you know I'll take you April 17 there....

Coming up to ANZAC Day and continuing the bicycle themed posts from Canterbury Heritage and Kuaka I found this fabulous photo and article about the New Zealand Cyclist Corps who served in WW1 HERE.

1880 The people's choice of the winner of the first inter-city brass band competition was the Invercargill Garrison Band.

1914 Those crazy gals who wanted the vote...golly gee willikers, they sure went all out, just so us females could speak our mind, like bombing Yarmouth Pier and leaving the blokes to pick up the-then repair tab of  £15,000.

Some odd-bod went to the trouble of writing this missive to the Editors of the Australian and New Zealand Gazette on the fact that Auckland, Wellington, etc, had become obsolete names (someone better tell John Key!) and how NZ needed a nicer name...than NZ.

1963 Tauranga in The Land of The Long White Cloud became a city...but was apparently not obsolete.

1964 The world was introduced to one of the beautiful creations known to mankind as the Ford Mustang.
Yeah, I just drooled on the keyboard....sorry about that...

1967 The Wolfenden Association  - later to be known as the NZ chapter of The Homosexual Law Reform Society - was established by members of the Dorian Club located in Wellington.

1989  Madge was on top of the Aussie charts crooning What Would Zombie Jesus Do? Like A Prayer.
Yes, handbasket...hell...arriving shortly...


  1. "I found this fabulous photo and article about the New Zealand Cyclist Corps who served in WW1..."

    I think I'd have prefered a tank myself.

  2. I don't think much of the Mustang in the photo. The older ones were much nicer, savage beasts that they are.

  3. Actually, I'd have preferred they called the whole thing off, Brian!

    Give me a cherry red convertible '64 Mustang any day, Andrew, like the white one in the article ;)

  4. Re changing New Zealand place names:

    we could always revert to Second Island, the 100% uninspired early Pakeha name for the South Island. Te Wai Pounamu could claim priority on the principle of "first in time, first in right" even if it is more accurately Te Wahi Pounamu, the place of greenstone. Some might prefer Te Waka a Maui (the canoe of Maui). While some others would settle for the Mainland... Or we could just start all over again, writing off all the above as a very bad job.

  5. Mmmm, Ford mustang. Almost as good as Harley Davidson.
    I quite like Madonna. Well, the songs, not so much the person, since I don't know her personally. I've got probably a dozen of her songs on my i-pod. They're great for aerobics (which I don't do) also a good steady beat for walking home from work.

  6. Errr, about "if it aint broke, don't fix it" ? :P

    I agree Re: the Harley, River, although what is this aerobics thing of which you speak? :P