Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In The Wild With....

Feral Beast.
Luring me deeper into the bush....
Actually, it's only the wilds of Mordialloc, the track down beside the creek in beachside suburbia.
The vision splendid from the front door of the little-known Aboriginal Reserve, consisting of 340 hectares along the Mordialloc Creek. 
Until the land rose in value.
Strange that....
Such hardship we home-schooling parents have to go through on these excursions for the Fruit of Our Loins to research and learn for their education.
Bright sunny days, beautiful beaches, paddling in the shallows...yes, indeed it is difficult but we'll soldier on...
Never mind the bustle in your hedgerow, this is what happens when your hedge inserts itself in your stern....
Rarely sighted in recent times these have been placed on the Really, Really Endangered-Oops-I-Think-They've-Had-It List-
The Pebble and Concrete bus shelter, a dying breed.
When Mum is a stingy cow and won't let you have extra money says "Use what we've got in the shed" it's time to get Dad to make a sieve of your very own for archaeology digs.
Speaking of the archaeology dig -
The obligatory old bed sheet covering the trench to prevent contamination, dogs and the stray DropBear burying it's kill in the hole.
One has often wondered when will we get to see Phil's old bedsheets on Time Team....


  1. I have not seen a concrete and pebble bus shelter before.

  2. Is this the Aboriginal Reserve you mentioned on my blog? Is it signposted or marked in any way? Or do you have to be a local to know where it is?

  3. I trust that's an authentic Wyre Archaeology Approved bedsheet you're using there Jayne (i.e. one with the words 'Property of Bispham Old Folks Home' embroidered into the hem).

  4. See? They're really in danger of disappearing forever, Anja lol.

    No, it's a different reserve/depot, part of which is located where the Mordialloc High School is now standing - that's where I took the photo from.
    Nope, it's not sign posted or marked in any way, my son stumbled over a couple of mentions of it while he was researching the Boon Wurrung/Bunurong People of the area.
    Trying to find the reference of Judge Willis (it didn't effect my son's essay so I don't think he bookmarked it).

    No, Brian.
    I think it reads "Stolen from The Buck Palace B&B" :P

  5. I have seen pebble and concrete bus shelters recently............. just can't think where..........

  6. the concrete & pebble bus shelter is not to be confused with the rock & mortar bus shelter. One is more heritage preservation worthy than the other. Can you guess which one?

  7. Where have you been travelling of late, Mistress B?!

    The one with the quartz rock (and a fine seam of gold) in the mortar, Kuaka :P

  8. Mordy Creek almost looks clean. Does it still smell?

  9. Strangely no, it doesn't, Andrew, but I wouldn't be going for a dip in it any time soon lol ;)