Friday, April 17, 2009

*Insert maniacal laughter (bordering on hysteria with a hint of desperation) here*

TGIF  (Thank God It's Friday for those of you not silly enough to pay attention to calenders).
The Brits are going to hand out lots of lolly to encourage everyone to get on the electric car fad.
The Germans want to see bumper to bumper electric cars....and have an electric filling station network, while China wants to be the world producer of electric cars.
Bloody tools, toss pots and turds in Govt totally screwed up royally when they threw a tanty and blocked the Reva electric car only a few years ago.
Petrol was rising....but they said no to the Reva.
Media attention was on rising carbon emissions...but they said no to the Reva.
There were suggestions of solar-supplied electricity recharging points...but they said no to the Reva.
Smaller wheel base meant less congestion on the roads...but they said no to the Reva.
A whole $15,000 to buy and $1 to charge...but they said no to the Reva.
Labor and the Greens backed the Reva at the time.....haven't heard too much from them about the Reva since the change in Govt.

And what, pray tell, has Brumby been pickling his brain in of late?
His pathetic tariff capping will discourage installation of solar panels on private homes and to feed unused power back to the electricity grid.
Having his ministers continually whine,
"Solar won't generate enough electricity" helps the cause, of course.
Local Power seems to be the way to go, this council seems to be encouraging solar power, these councils are offering discounted solar panels....
Goodness, someone better tell Brumby he's supposed to be pushing for increased solar-generated power, not against it!
Increased population + increased demand on the power supply = a current fossil fuel power supply that ISN'T GENERATING ENOUGH ELECTRICITY.
Ahem, Brumby?

Obama is plumping for a fast rail system.
Let's look at this - looming depression recession, investment in local infrastructure, employment for locals, income, spenditure and profit generated locally.....(Mount Rushmore was cut from the same cloth as was our local Great Ocean Road)....
Has someone shown this commonsense idea to Kosky or Brumby...or anyone still alive in Victorian Govt?


  1. Just not forward thinking are they.

  2. :( lame... i cant think of anything to post

  3. Exactly, Marita, chaining us to the Stone Age.

    That's ok poppet, I still wuvs ya, Mwah ;)

  4. Have you watched the DVD 'who killed the electric car?' I think you might enjoy it. I get all my news via ipod [BBC world] My husband's current project [hobby] is all about solar tracking. With a bit of luck........
    Best wishes

  5. $15,000 for an electric car? Far out, bonus. And now we will have to import them. Hmm, car plants are closing down everywhere and the assbandits in power scratch their heads?

  6. TGIF indeed. I'm so looking forward to sleeping past 4am tomorrow.

    "Tools, toss pots and turds", that describes them perfectly. We all know why they've said no to the Reva, don't we? They can't do without the petrol taxes they collect. Because they're all soooo poor, they really NEED those few thousand extra dollars they get every week.

  7. I have seen it, Maddy, very eye-opening and made us furious.
    Solar tracking with panels? I hear there's some great systems available?

    One word for them, Anja - dickheads ;)

    One might assume that, River, indeed ;)

  8. Hi! With world oil supplies expected to last, depending what you read, from four to forty years, you would think alternative power supplies would be of a high priority.

    Unfortunately world wide "Head in the Sand" polices could send us back to the horse and carriage days of the past overnight.

    Take Care,