Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's been a long trivial time since the history party and the room is in a mess...April 28...

Yes, it's The Monkees memory lane we're crawling down today...Randy Scouse Git (aka Alternative Title) to be precise.
I do so like their kaftans....do you think they'll make a comeback this Winter?
What do you mean "they went out with shagpile carpet, Dexy's Midnight Runners and yo-yos" ?!
Come on Eileen will be ripping up the charts again anytime....soonish...maybe...

1864 The British troops began the assault on Gate Pa.
For more information click HERE.

1919 The interestingly titled Nayook to Noojee section of the Warragul train line was opened (no, Nanook of the North was not involved in the naming process , nor was Mork from Ork).
Sadly didn't find any orgasmic train station photos but I did hunt down, stalk and capture this link rhapsodising about a restored trestle bridge  we can go eyeball.

1923 The first shovel work was officially started on the Great Coathanger of Sydney...you know....two words, 3 syllables....
Thank you Skippy, it was indeed the Giant Earthworm (yes, I know that's 4 syllables but the 'roo needs encouragement after escaping the baking dish for Sunday roast).
You may visit the Giant Earthworm down Gippsland way near Poowong....

1976 On this day the first asylum seekers arrived by boat in Darwin Harbour; a 17 metre long fishing boat with a WHOLE 5 Vietnamese on board sought refuge from communist rule.
Not "illegal" boat people, not "illegal" asylum seekers.
Because it's far from "illegal" to request refuge or asylum status.

1987 Dick Smith became the first human to get himself to the North Pole in a solo helicopter flight.
Cause we all know Santa uses reindeer.
And Red Bull.

1994 An event that had exciting repercussions all over the world (no, not really but I'm dragging the Poms along for a misery ride with me anyway) was back in the day when the then State Premier Jeff Kennett Jeffed the whole State of Victoria but gave us the free City Circle Tram Service.

2008 Rattlin' Bones was on the top spot of the Oz charts


  1. "Not "illegal" boat people, not "illegal" asylum seekers.
    Because it's far from "illegal" to request refuge or asylum status."

    Beautifully said.

  2. My mum used to know Davy Jones's mum and dad apparently, when she lived in Manchester. He was only very short, you know?

  3. Thanks, Dina :)

    Yes, I know, Brian, he also worked as a jockey and was plastered on my walls in posters LOL.

  4. I thought it was rather splendid, Andrew ;)

  5. Rattlin' Bones made it to the top? woo-hoo. Go Kasey Chambers! (we don't listen to radio much, it's all doco's and weather around here)

    The Monkees sang Come On Eileen? Really? Hmmm. I had a magazine cut out picture of Davey Jones in my purse for years, right next to Peter Noone, the facing side of the picture section had Jon English.

  6. LOL, River, no Dexy's Midnight Runners sang Come On Eileen - the one's I mentioned with shagpile carpet and yo-yo's ;)