Monday, April 6, 2009

Jenny McCarthy needs to dig deeper...

Riayn sent a link to the Jenny McCarthy Body Count webpage.

It always amazes me, watching new parents climb on board the Zealot Wagon after they've been given the diagnosis of Autism for their child.
Some try the natural approach- diets, natropathy, exercises,etc, while others stick to the tried and true medical route.
Others still try a mixture of both...when one doesn't work or stops working they start down another path.
Some will become out-spoken advocates of XYZ , expounding long and loud how blah blah helped their child get on track with the world around them.
Others still begin shrieking to the heavens about how they've discovered the CURE for Autism.
(Because it's not like the bajillions of parents who've been there before them haven't tried everything!).

But take a good long hard look at the climbing numbers of preventable diseases on the Jenny McCarthy Body Count webpage.
Have a good long hard think about how accurate a nose-picking Playboy Bunny is to tell the world that vaccines are bad for children.
And then think about whether you want a child to die in agony from a PREVENTABLE disease.
Dear old Jenny needs to dig a few more knuckles worth deeper to extract the bullshyte that's waffling about in what passes for a skull cavity.


  1. Frigging crock of dung she is. Ooops, I shouldn't be saying that. I might be thought of as close-minded. *snigger*

  2. According to an article I read this morning, some boffins found a correlation between vinyl flooring and certain carpets with instances of autism in children in the households with those particular types of chattels.

    I'm not sure how much more I can be told that things around me are bad for health before I stop listening (hang on, I think I already have.)

    I'm a pro-vaccine person, by the way.

  3. I heard something about vaccines being responsible for autism and wonder what your thoughts would be. Well, I probably guess already.

  4. My youngest was the unlucky recipient of an eradicated preventable disease that put him in hospital at a very young age and caused him much more misery than he needed.

    I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. And, I say that with sincerity.

    Not that you'd know now unless we tell you but he is partially deaf and it had nothing to do with being 13 weeks prem :-(

    Anti-Vacciners who think the diseases are mild and therefore not a problem should be made to see the effects the mild diseases can have.

    [Sorry, off soapbox now]

  5. *snort* Anja, not likely!

    We could always live in plastic bubbles, Lisa lol ;)

    A-huh, Andrew ;)

    Antikva, I hear ya. My Godmother's perfectly normal son contracted Measles when he was 5 and 30-something years later he's recently been moved from his "home" of Kew Cottages to a nursing home for long term care.

  6. Well I missed this one didn't I? Oh yes the let's try this diet and that therapy and read millions of crap books about How to Cure your Wierdo. Gee they'll take a VERY long time to cure me..LOL ASD isn't a disease it's a developmental disorder like..der...Playboy Bunny..oh that's hilarious..whoops I'm acting outside my assigned box..

  7. She also doesn't know any ASD adults. I might take Mr S over to meet her.