Thursday, April 16, 2009

Knowing me, knowing trivial bugger all after midnight....

It's after midnight and this little black duck has gone "PHOOF!" and turned into a pumpkin.
Orange is soooooooooooo not my colour...makes my skin look sallow....and clashes with my lime green and tartan sheepskin Crocs (no, I really don't have any that colour - the visuals are just for Kelley).
Do they do tartan sheepskin Crocs..... yet?

1880 Laws were carved in stone to drag fun-lovin' NSW 6-14 yr olds off to school each and every day, and lock 'em in for the duration to Get Some Learnin' In Their Heads.

1892 Noooooooooooooooooooo!
The NZ Rugby Union was established during a meeting in Wellington.
I feel so soiled now.....

1907 Thrills and spills were happenin' at the opening of the first 2 agricultural high schools in Sale and Warrnambool on this day....which happened to be a Tuesday so I'm guessing someone got a tad behind with the building project and the Grand Opening (with added media circus and brass band) was delayed a day coz Tuesday is an odd day to open any, let alone 2, schools on.

1972 Electric Light Orchestra made their grand debut in The Fox and Greyhound pub in Croydon, London.

2003 And now for something completely different....
The Aussie Army Special Forces began galloping after the suss acting ship, Pong Su, after it was noticed loitering near the coastline near the tourist town of Lorne.

One shouldn't really drink lukewarm coffee after midnight.....starting to hallucinate the tartan Crocs....perhaps I should share the brilliant rainbowiness of them with Kelley....
Oh I can so hear her squealing with terror as she reads this.....


  1. "One shouldn't really drink lukewarm coffee after midnight....."

    I tried that once and turned into a gremlin.

  2. put the coffee down and back away, those hullucinations were scaring me and its only 6.42am in the moninrg and visuals of lime and tartan sheepskins one is enough to put me off coffee full stop. You know I love my coffee.

  3. Ahhh,that's a relief to know it wasn't just me it happened to on that jar of dodgy Brazilian Black Beans, Brian.

    It gave me nightmares for the first half of the night, Janine lol.

  4. Um, I like the thought of tartan Crocs, I would buy a pair if they were tartan.

    And then i would take a photo of them and send it to Kelley.

  5. Coffee at midnight hmmm. Speaking of little black ducks I drew one last year at midnight..he had combat boots and a very very big gun...I still hate Abba (whoops PI Statement)but ELO oh yeah that's cool. Suss ships? Wonder if it was the little black ducks secret navy...Think I'll crawl back into the slimy depths of my hole now...


  6. Crocs :: shudder ::

    My niece was sporting some vile pink Bratz crocs last night. As if the plastic shoes were not bad enough, they had to be emblazoned with giant lips of Bratz dolls. Put me right off my food.

  7. LOL WS, of course you would ;)

    PMSL Liz, your little black duck would have been a fair bugger to deal with at midnight ;)

    Ewww, Marita, Bratz + Crocs = Vomitus Humongous!

  8. "One really shouldn't drink lukewarm coffee after midnight..."

    Or any other time. Coffee should be hot. HOT I say! Burn the tongue temperature is just right.

  9. Jayne that little black duck was a violent little beggar too many Rambo movies and too much luke warm coffee made him...dangerous

  10. You're one of those with a tongue coated in asbestos, River? :P

    ROFLMFAO, Liz!

  11. You and that Shamrock biatch are gunna get it...