Sunday, April 26, 2009

Leaves are trivial brown, and the history sky is a hazy shade of April 26 Winter...

It's a chilly, chilly day here in Melbourne with the weather people telling us to stay indoors ( a la Doctor Who-ish) as we're expecting 130km winds with sleet, snow, hail, fires of Hades, 3 horsemen of the apocalypse (the other one's running late, had to re-shoe his steed) rain, storms of frogs, centipedes and the dreaded Hagfish.
So...take a brolly!

Just a quick note to readers ...
Please don't wish "Happy ANZAC Day", there's nothing "happy" about it and it's certainly not something you'd say at a funeral which is what ANZAC Day is similar to.

1802 Matthew Flinders examined Port Phillip....and graciously gave it a passing credit mark of 74%.

1890 Transcribed from the Richmond Guardian-
Things were a bit rough when a resident of Neptune St had to approach the council for a light in the street owing to two instances of garotting after dark.
Sweeny Todd aint got nothing on the residents of Richmond!

1890 In polar opposites of dangerous garotting suburbs Banjo Paterson's The Man from Snowy River was first published in The Bulletin.
This proved far more popular past-time of the two.
Go figure!

1926 Poor old Bobby Leach; whilst on a tour of The Land of The Long White Cloud trumpeting his past glory in ripping over Niagara Falls he slipped on an orange peel on a footpath and died from an infection obtained in the injury to his leg.
Moral of the story?
Conquering the Falls will lead to pride before a fall....or saving wormies from citrus in the compost.

1943 NZ ship Limerick, whilst in a convoy from Sydney to Bribane, was torpedoed off Cape Byron and sank with the loss of a NZ engineer and an Oz officer.
For more info on the merchant navy during the war click HERE.

1953 Ceasefire peace talks were happening in Korea.

1985 More than 2,000 submission were received towards the (NZ) Homosexual Law Reform Bill before closure on this day.

1987 In an interview that had pollies everywhere polishing their desks with vigour and women silently taking notes Jan Murray spilled the beans on 60 Minutes that she'd done the nasty with hubby John Brown on his Federal Parliament desk.

2005 The (NZ) Civil Unions and Relationships Act came into force on this day with several couples applying for licences that morning.
This allows same-sex and de facto couples to establish a legal union that is similar to marriage.
Ohhh, I can hear the rednecks choking on their weetbix....


  1. Jayne reading about the Civil Unions Bill has made me transform into a blog do I look.LOL!

    On the ship sinking now that really was a trans-tasman deal....

    On the subject of blog trolls I'm going to draw one - in a bin that is.

    Happy wet Sunday and Dr Who rules...

  2. It is a little chilly today.

    Yay for NZ :)

  3. Happy ANZAC day?

    That's a bit like saying 'Happy Armistice Day'.

    *shakes head*

  4. "Matthew Flinders examined Port Phillip....and graciously gave it a passing credit mark of 74%."

    Not a bad mark up. I wonder what that'd be in light of the current inflation rate.

  5. I hear you, Jayne, but I can understand why folks would say "Happy ... (that day)". Just spotted this happy Aussie website doing that. No worries, a Kiwi on a messageboard did the same recently, and was firmly corrected.

    And there's still folk here whingeing that they didn't get a public holiday out of it this year ...

  6. I am addicted to who tell me that 3350 is 4 degrees with windgusts that make it 'Feel Like' 1.6 degrees.

    Love that Niagara Conqueror conked-out by slipping on peel story.
    Keep 'em coming.

  7. All the leaves are brown
    And the sky is grey
    I've been for a walk
    On a winter's day...
    And thank bloody goodness too. I'd had enough heat back in February.

    Are we sure that rednecks eat weetbix? I thought they were a cornflakes bunch.

  8. You're no troll, Liz LOL.

    Just a little, Marita (she says defrosting her toes on a hot water bottle) lol.

    Aye, B ;)

    Probably come out about even with this recession, Brian ;)

    We never get one (in lieu) either, Lisa, only the day itself if it falls on a weekday.

    Camping in a paddock at Dunolly is exactly like that, FG, good to see the weather folks got it correct for once!

    Either cornflakes, River, or crushed glass in their Vegemite ;)