Sunday, April 19, 2009

Like a trivial rhinestone cowboy, ridin' out on a history horse in a star spangled April 19 rodeo

We may take a moment to briefly mention the trouncing of Poowong Football Club against Catani.
Yes, fellow Poowong-enthusiasts, it seems as though Poowong are circling the dunny bowl with a bucketing of  9.12.66  to  15.5.95.
But fear not!
The MIGHTY Poowong Magpies will rise from 8th (oops, that was last week) 11th spot on the  ladder to reclaim the top spot for themselves...eventually.
They might be taking their time but I feel it in my water that the Big Poo 'Pies will be flyin' high...soon.

Today is Primrose Day in England.
Nup, I got nothing...

Although Pagan for Irish Snakes and Serpents Under Protection (read the initials) hoped this would become Snakes Return to Ireland Day.
Nup....still got nothing...

1893 The Kiwi Liberal Govt wanted to break up the larger estates into smaller farms so the Cheviot Estate was bought...consisting of a trifling 34,300 hectares in North Canterbury.
For more info, great photos but, sadly, no cheap acreage, click HERE.

1904 The Great Toronto Fire, that destroyed a massive portion of the Canadian city, occurred on this day.
More than 100 buildings were razed to the ground but amazingly not one life was lost.

1968 The Desert Mounted Corps Memorial on ANZAC Parade was dedicated.

1984 They were busy little Vegemites on this day when they officiously announced that not only was Advance Australia Fair the National Anthem (the lyrics of which no footballer ever seems to know) but that Green and Gold were now the official colours for Oz.

2003 Conrad Leonard passed over the Ebony and Ivory Keys for the final time, the oldest working musician in Britain at age 104.

2008 The Oz 2020 summit had its get together to...get together to throw ideas around the room and to see which one would stick.
Which one did stick, after all that fuss...?


  1. It's ok Poowong, I still luv u.

    Firefighters from cities as far away as Hamilton, Ontario and Buffalo... That's my city..Hamilton.

    strong winds and sub-zero temperatures. The temperature that night was approximately -4 degrees Celsius with winds at 48 kilometres per hour with snow flurries. ...and we are having lovely 20C temps this weekend.

  2. Poor old Poowong - still, great to have at least 11 teams in a competition. In some region they get a bit sick of playing each other across a season as there are so few teams.

    The Big Poo Pies??? Tea all over the monitor here!!
    If they fly to high we might end with crap all over us, you know that right??
    We went to a water polo grand final at the aquatic centre one time and this woman was singing the national anthem...every time we thought she was finished, she started on another verse...who knew there was more than what we sing normally?
    Not me I'm ashamed to say....

  4. Sounds like it was a frightening time for everyone, Elizabeth, at least something good came out of it and no one died.

    LOL Yep, Jeanie, I've heard that plenty of times, too, in the Aussie Rules leagues down here.
    Tis ok, Poowong is 11th out of 14 on the ladder ;)

    Yep, Mo, The Big Poo 'Pies will be spreadin' the lurve all over ;)
    Rumour has it that there's a bajillion verses to our national anthem but I'm sticking to just the one;)

  5. The 2020 summit was a huge success Jayne. They should have another, and then another, until something actually results.

  6. "Today is Primrose Day in England."

    First I've heard about it. Hmm...chocolate primroses...could be a good commercial enterprise.

  7. Sending winning vibes over to the Poowong Magpies, may they beat their opposition into a bloody pulp from here on out.

  8. The Witchita Lineman strikes again....
    Poowong players might be like that other team who stay at the bottom of the ladder lulling everyone else into a false sense of superiority, then one day they show their true colours and win just enough games to make it to the grand final. Which they then lose.

  9. Added fibre has faster results, Andrew :P

    Yes, Brian, the bovine gals would love that!

    Wishing and hoping, both of us, Marita!

    There's so many teams to choose from who do that, River LOL!