Monday, April 6, 2009

Loves me some FREE stuffs...

Yeah, yeah, it's the usual renewable energy stuff.
Although some rednecks screech "Greenie!!" (and froth madly from the mouth) at the sight or sound of a solar panel, remember that they still fail to grasp the basics of the equation FREE energy will ALWAYS = smaller bills regardless of your stance on Climate Change/Global Warming/the price of fish in China.

Just thought I'd post about 2 companies I've had some great assistance and service from over the years.
In Melbourne we have The Environment Shop.
Ask and they shall find...or answer, as the case may be.
They've got the usual fun gadgets plus the serious lets-hunt-us-down-some-free-electricity stuffs and information nights on how many, which and where to stick your renewable energy whatsits.

In NSW there is Multi-Powered Products, which is a family-run company with the usual array of toys (road tested by the kidlets of the family), work-related energy saving gadgets and home-based thingos.

Yes, energy saving has managed to branch out from camping goods since the last time you looked razz

Just remember to ask the next redneck you trip over -
For a country with as much daylight as Australia gets, who's attitude has stalled the solar panel and/or renewable energy industry, thereby denying employment, better lifestyles (through cheaper energy bills) and innovation to future generations?


  1. Free stuff and good for the planet!!! Double bonus.

  2. Yay free stuff!

    Some of our christmas lights are solar, so is our front security light and our back shed light. I'm hoping to get some more products around the house that are 'free energy' products.

  3. What great sites! Thanks for pointing them out :-)

  4. It's pretty obvious, Anja, but some chose not to see that ;)

    I loves me the new solar stuffs, B, so much variety!

    They've been pretty reliable, Deb :)

  5. Oi!
    Us rednecks are going full solar this year!

    Technically we'll make never have to pay for power again and will actually get paid by energex :)

    May I add a plug for BP solar and the Smartt group?
    They've kept us up to date with the happenings over the processing and ordering of the panels ... should be another 6 weeks and we get them installed.