Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mrs. Brown you've got a trivial lovely history daughter, April 7

Have taken the bull by the horns and emailed Heritage Victoria over the weekend to ask, ever so sweetly, when they were going to get off their collective rumps and do a dig in our area to determine further facts about the local Aboriginal People.
Of course they responded immediately and assured me they were on it like flies on a honey sandwich and would begin investigations straight away....not.
So....we wait...!

It's Let Someone Else Clean Day, yippie!!!
Although, let's be honest - wouldn't we love to celebrate this more often except do we really trust the kids to hoover under their beds....?

1851 William Tom and John Lister were a tad bored so they went out, played in the creek at Ophir and dug up some GOLD!
Edward Hargraves did not, I repeat, did NOT discover the gold.
He was just a very greedy boy.

We're off to the State Library today for some research on a couple of fronts.
FB needs to research for his next uni essay and I'm on the hunt for a missing NZ prison hangman who's playing Hard To Find for Lisa from Timespanner, who wrote a great article on him HERE.
He went by the moniker of Henry Howard Heyman aka Lewis before, during and after plying his hangman duties, then he did a bunk to Sydney in 1887 without sending so much as a postcard!
How rude!

1856 Nelson College, the first state-owned secondary school in NZ, opened in Trafalgar Street with the over-whelming roll call of 8 boys.

1859 The first military force was organised on this day when the Canterbury Volunteer Rifles was formed as a result of the Taranaki Wars.

In other rivetting news I've found the odd science museum cum curiosity shop I'd misplaced when my computer's were playing Hokey Pokey - The Wunderkammer.
Feral Beast is at the perfect age where I can tell him to knock himself out in there and he'd walk at a snail's pace, examining Every.Tiny.Thing...and nothing would get busted.
Because he'd crave it.
And there'll be begging involved.
And extravagant promises to bake me pavlovas every day for a gazillion years.
He may possibly win tomorrow...!

1964 Oh, look! It's that Kiwi Rusty Crowe's birthday again.
Shall we call to wish him many happy returns or just duck from the phone?

1978 That wiley Qld Govt, in a hissy fit of "If we can't manage them, then no one shall have them" did away with the Mornington Island and Aurukun Aboriginal Reserves to circumvent the plan by the Federal Govt to allow the communities {sarcastic gasp of horror} to manage themselves.


  1. Singing, "Tell her that I'm well and feeling fine...don't let on though, don't say she broke my heart, I'd go down on my knees but it's no good to bind...etc.

    Send us the plane tickets Jayne and we'll come and excavate the place for you.

  2. Wunderkammer. Ohhh I think I'm just the right age to.

  3. Isn't Mrs. Brown a greyhound? I saw some crazy movie once where that song featured and I'm sure Mrs. Brown was a greyhound.

    Or I'm just going a bit crazy thinking about pavlova.

  4. LOL Brian, thanks for the offer but I think HV may get a tad parochial lol ;)

    He is indeed, Bwca...can we clone him to infiltrate the ranks of HV ?

    It looks like great fun, Elizabeth, I'll try to snap some pics ;)

    Dunno about the greyhound, Anja, although my ex MIL loathed the song and she was a bit of a mongrel...:P

  5. "1964 Oh, look! It's that Kiwi Rusty Crowe's birthday again.
    Shall we call to wish him many happy returns or just duck from the phone?"

    He is no longer a Kiwi, he has full Aussie citizenship, and vastly prefers Aussie to EnZed. You can, be absolutely assured on this, have him. :-)

  6. But...but...but...Lisa, I voted him off the West Island! :P

  7. Nah. We have pavlova, you have lamingtons, 50% of Phar Lap, and Rusty. I reckon that's a good trade negotiation, right there. ;-)

  8. We need to advertise that 'let someone else clean' day thing more.........

  9. I used to have pictures of "Herman" (Peter Noone) pasted inside my schoolbooks........

  10. Damn, was hoping to reopen negotiations, Lisa.... :P

    Everyone thought I was joking and so they laughed, B...but I'll be having the last laugh as I make my minions dust my rock collection Bwahahahahahahahaha *ahem*

    I love all of their songs, River, can't say I had their posters but they rocked ;)

  11. I think Russ is a bit of a legend. He's rather hot.