Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Now the trivial workers have struck history for fame 'cause April 14 Lennon's on sale again....

I'm still awaiting to hear if the MIGHTY Poowong MAGPIES soared over Catani....
But, in the meantime, the Poowong  District Landcare, The CCC Meeting and the Poowong Apex Club all have meetings listed for later this month.
Although...I don't think they'll give you a kick or let you field the goal square much...

In other feverish news I've fallen totally in lurve and lust with Scot comedian Craig Hill.
A razor sharp tongue, a gorgeous accent, a wit to revel in....and can wear a leather kilt with the greatest elan.
He'll never replace Stephen  Fry in my scrapbook photo frames secret room affections.
But...he does have a BLOG!
Those legs...!
That leather kilt....!

1772  Elizabeth Russell turned up her toes on this day at the young age of 104 in Streatham, UK, only for every man, woman and child to be informed by the undertaker that she was, in fact, a he.
Streatham was where Doctor Who , James Bond and a bloody great long tapeworm took up residence (in the tapeworm's case it was the Streatham locksmith's innards) but click HERE to find out the details.
Or not.

1827 You will not care but you will read as your eyes are now glued to this sentence and you're unable to look away that it is the birth date of the archaeologist Augustus Pitt Rivers, no, not a relation of comedian Joan Rivers therefore he could still dig her up at some point without impinging his professional reputation.
Except I think he's kinda dead.
So...they'd be a perfect match...?

1870 The delectable township of Gulgong was found to be littered with rich gold nuggets, apparently but you don't want to hear about that sort of street talk.

1877  Henri L'Estrange proved that imitation is, indeed, the greatest form of flattery when he branded himself as The Australian Blondin and galloped across Middle Harbour.
If anyone wants to know more click HERE.

1885 Would anyone be interested in the fact that that bustling little hub of rural enchantment, Orbost, was today proclaimed grown up enough to get into long pants and call itself a town?
Just forget that I spoke, then.

1912 Hello?
Does anyone give a fig some ruddy great boat smacked upside a block of ice?
If any of you start humming the movie theme tune I'll be...(yep, there you go, I heard you humming under your breath).... forced to post this link to a parody.

1932 Perhaps I could dazzle the readers with the Queen Street Riots in Auckland during the Great Depression?
Perhaps I shant.


  1. "Elizabeth Russell turned up her toes on this day at the young age of 104 in Streatham..."

    Singing: Transvestites...grown men in disguise.

  2. Ugh Titanic. One of my friends loved the movie with DeCaprio and Kate Winslett, she dragged me along to see it with her 3 times. Then I said enough because friendship only goes so far, I will bury bodies for you but I will not watch that movie again. :: shudder ::

  3. LMFAO
    How did I know you were singing that to the Transformers theme song, Brian?

    I've had my eyelids peeled back the once to watch it, Marita, and the once was enough to develop a healthy dislike for deep sea fishing :P

  4. wow I go offline for about five days and you have been blogging up a storm woman. Had a wee giggle at some of your posts. You astound me with how much interesting stuff you can find. I learn so much reading your blog Jayne.

  5. Am I the only person left in Australia who hasn't seen that Titanic movie?

  6. River, you don't have to watch the movie, not when I can tell you the way it really was.

    Jayne, you know how much I love that song, just don't like Celine singing it. That damn water was cold but the rich tarts had their furs, us lowly maids handed them to them.

  7. Thanks, Janine, it saves innocent bystanders when I'm kept out of mischief lol ;)

    Not unless you count the dead, River ;)

    I heard tell it was an insurance job, J, but that was the tinker's son's older brother's rumour from the engine room.