Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh Mickey, you're so trivial fine, you're so history fine you blow my mind, Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey! April 13

Now that we have survived The Annual Day of Chocolatey Goodness, let's give thanks it only happens once per year and hope the damn shops stop stocking Hot Cross Buns before Boxing Day, ffs!
The chocolate elf that lives in the cabbage patch told me that the fairies in the gum tree, Esmerelda and Isabella, were quite real and that I should keep listening and doing exactly as they tell me.
And that the creepy over-the-back-fence neighbour has a stash of dirty mags in his shed....
That's about where I ate his chocolatey head off, Your Honour, and it wasn't good chocolate which proved he'd slipped past quality control....

1204 The Fourth Crusade royally screwed up when it started sacking Constantinople (not Istanbul) on the 12th April and kept their end up on this day, too, but take me back to Constantinople (not Istanbul) you can't go back to Constantinople (not Istanbul), been a long time gone Constantinople, why did Constantinople gets the works...that's nobody's business but the Turks....
If that was too vague try clicking HERE.

1841 Get to the milliners, gals!
The first races held at Flemington were on this day.
No, I have not the foggiest who won or the odds involved....but I'll bet my last dollar that Eddie MacGuire was calling the Fashions on the Field even then.

1876 Tightrope walker and daredevil in general, Charles Blondin, popped into Chch for a demonstration of his death-defying skills.

1893 The E.S & A Bank (English, Scottish and Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi Counting House) shut up shop for *ahem* "reconstruction" during the savage 1890's depression caused by a huge boom where people could build castles in the air with money on the Never-Never....
Yep, almost exactly like today.

1896 The National Council of Women was established in Christchurch by those fiesty gals who'd been active in the suffrage movement.
For more info click HERE.

1951 The 5th Doctor graced this planet with his reincarnation as Peter Davison.

1969 Brisbane trams ceased running.
No, they didn't commence trotting or even sauntering down the line...although they were inspired by the song, "Cruisin' down the river on a Sunday afternoon..." for a nanosecond.

1983 The Rats of Tobruk Memorial in ANZAC Parade was dedicated to the memory of the servicemen who gave their lives during the seige of Toburk in 1941.

1997 St Andrews on The Terrace in Wellington was graced with Presbytarian minister Alyson Murrie-West who also happened to be an out and proud Lesbian.
Does she do Christenings?


  1. "The Rats of Tobruk Memorial in ANZAC Parade was dedicated to the memory of the servicemen who gave their lives..."

    Carry On Monty.

  2. '1841 Get to the milliners, gals!
    The first races held at Flemington were on this day.'

    We ARE a consistent nation, and started out as we meant to go on.
    No brick houses, no brick outhouses, no schools or running water, not even the bloody gold rush yet, but hey! Let's bet on the nags.
    A great book to read on all the early sporting stuff is the biog of W.J.T 'Big' Clarke.
    He built Rupertswood at Sunbury where The Ashes were made.

    (is it funny that nobody american has any idea of what The Ashes is, but everybody reading Jayne knows)

  3. I really would like to see inside your brain one day.

  4. Quoting Elizabeth: "I really would like to see inside your brain one day."

    I wouldn't. We'd never get everything back in that would pop out at us ...

  5. "(is it funny that nobody american has any idea of what The Ashes is, but everybody reading Jayne knows)"


    That might have something to do with the fact that the Ashes are only contested in Commonwealth countries. It'd be like anybody outside America (i.e. in the rest of thew world) knowing (or actually caring) what the 'World Series' is.

  6. The hot cross buns will disappear, they need to make room for all the mothers day crap.

    I'm waiting for ANZAC day to become a commercialised occasion as well.

  7. Exactly, Brian ;)

    Thank you, Ann :)

    ROFL, Elizabeth, that's a scary wish!

    PMSL, Lisa, spot on!

    See above, Brian :P

    Considering they were selling "Gallipoli Rosemary" plants at a certain large hardware chain a few years ago for a hefty price tag, Marita, I'd say it's already begun!

  8. Brian darling, pet, love,
    I hate to say you are wrong - Australians are steeped in US culture, and I know my Dwight Yoakam from my Dwight Gooden; the Stanley Cup, Punxatawny Phil, we certainly know our Rose Bowl and our Pasadena Rose Parade; Aussies know the CIA is at Mclean Virginia.
    I just know it isn't reciprocal - Yanks don't know about what's at Woomera that Aussies are not allowed within miles of.

  9. Sends a message to Elizabeth:

    I'm really good with a cranial saw. *cough*

    Eddie MacGuire would go to the opening of an envelope.

  10. The sad thing, Brownie, is the fact most Aussies wouldn't have the foggiest of what was at Woomera or Maralinga (that should ensure some ASIO snooping) even fewer would have even heard of them these days :(

    I'll just lurve you from a distance, Anja :P

  11. Timespanner...we could fight over the leftover bits.
    BwcaBrownie...Canadian, the Stanley Cup started in Canada.

  12. "Timespanner...we could fight over the leftover bits."

    Isn't it illegal to go nicking off with Australian heritage treasures? They'd grab me with the leftover bits in the ol' suitcase soon as I got near the airport terminal ... *sigh* :-)

  13. Charles Blondin.......n't he do a tightrope stroll across Niagara Falls too? And an over-the-falls-in-a-barrel thing?

  14. Marita, anzac day is commercialised. Coles has had Anzac biscuits in fancy tins for sale for almost two weeks now.

  15. There's going to be left-over bits, Elizabeth?!

    Lisa, I think The Tribe here would pay you to export me out of the country :P

    He did indeed, River, as well as crossing Middle Harbour, in Sydney, 15 years after his Niagara Falls tightrope jaunt.
    Pity the whole proceeds of those tins don't go to the RSL, hey, River?

  16. I hope ELIZABETH comes back to read my apology - I was having a Wayne Gretzky moment.

  17. She most likely will, Bwca ;)

  18. Of course I did.. *grin* ..come back that is only to notice that I didn't thank Anja for offering to do the actual opening of the brainbox.

    I am assuming Jayne, that similar to trying to repackage anything, it doesn't all fit in the way it came out.

  19. ROFL Elizabeth!
    Yep, it doesn't fit (unless you jump on it to squish it back down) and there's always parts left over ;)

  20. I'll pack it all back in for you. I'm a master packer, you should just see me pack a trolley load of groceries into just a few of those green bags. you brain is in capable hands, Jayne.

  21. PMSL, River.
    Ok, I'll leave the gooey grey matter in your hands....that doesn't sound quite pleasant, somehow.... lol ;)

  22. gooey grey matter??? wait a minute I was expecting bright bits and bobs maybe even a few spinning tops, a chimney or two and possible a just picked veg from the garden.

    I'm finished now and can move on.