Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh ohhh, Razz-a-Matazz, Trivial Razz-a-Matazz History Oh ohhhh April 5

It is with a heavy heart I relate to you the scores of the MIGHTY Poowong Magpies....
Koo Wee Rup 14. 5. 89
Poowong 8.17. 65
Next week the MIGHTY Poowong Magpies will soar triumphantly over Catani on the home turf of the MIGHTY Poowong Magpies!!!!!

And in more fantastic footy news, Kinglake took home the CFA Sheild having defeated Emerald in a 54 point walk over.

It's Tomb Sweeping Day!
So go hoover your ancestors.

1753 The Brits thought they'd best do something with all the ancient stuff they kept digging up and had cluttering up the hallways so they formed the British Museum on this date, but it took another 6 years for it to be built and opened to the hoi polloi in 1759.
Did you know it's also on Twitter? @britishmuseum
Older but more advanced than some antiquated antiquarians I know....

1790 Gov Phillip thought some of the convicts were getting a little too well padded for Survivor-style fun on the Isle of Oz so he invented The Biggest Convict and cut rations even further.

Popped along to Spotlight for another ball of wool to complete the jumper I'm making Feral Beast....and you know you can never, ever get just 1 thing there.... came out with bajillions of crochet cottons (on special) speciality fluffy wool (Feral Queen asked for me to make her a poncho), sheets and pillow cases (Feral Queen's) oh and I actually remembered the wool I went there to get in the first place!

1893 Same bucket of shyte, different level - The Commercial Bank of Oz, located in Melbourne, was having a teeny tiny spot of bother so it suspended all payments which set off a panic (surprise, surprise), so it closed its not-so-welcoming doors until May 6 when it had undergone a "reconstruction".
116 years later....

1932 The great Kiwi-Aussie racehorse Phar Lap died from a single large dose of arsenic whilst in North America.
Edit -
Found the Catalyst video with Harry Telford's recipe book at the Melbourne Museum.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
The left over yummy goodies from the stew you made the other night will be just perfect (you do have left overs, don't you? Quick, go make some now!).
The pastry is = 2 cups of plain flour, cracked pepper to taste, 1 finely chopped spring onion and enough butter to choke a rat.
Rub the butter through the flour till it's like breadcrumbs, add the pepper and spring onion then 13 tablespoons of water (yes, I counted).
Stir through till the dough is all stuck together, roll into a ball, cover with plastic wrap and throw into the fridge for a few hours to compost itself.
Bring out, cut in half, slowly flatten and work 1 half out into a round disc then use the rolling pin to flatten it. Place in a greased pie dish, work the second half of the dough the same way but set aside.
Fill pie dish with left over stew, top with cheese, then toss the other pastry sheet over the top, crimp edges with fork, cut excess off (you may nibble on it but it's not very nice) then over-arm it into a moderate oven till it's golden brown.
Serve with smashed spud and tomato sauce.

1939 Aussie PM Joseph Lyons popped into hospital for a rest with a wee chill......
Have a delve into his passionate love letters HERE.

1987 The infamous Grim Reaper TV ad for AIDS awareness screened for the first time.
To watch the ad click HERE.


  1. So go hoover your ancestors??
    Most of my um, more or less 'immediate' ones come from the land of the long white cloud .. do they have Hoovers over there ?? (or are you referring to some sort of mystical 'hover') .. heh.

  2. Interesting score. Not having a clue how to read it I am assuming that the Magpies did not win.

  3. "1932 The great Kiwi-Aussie racehorse Phar Lap died from a single large dose of arsenic whilst in North America."

    At no point does the Wiki article mention the 2006 discovery of a recipe book (an NZ Herald article on it as well) used by those looking after Phar Lap over in America, including how to prepare a tonic containing arsenic.

    Said book now resides in Melbourne, I believe.

  4. LOL Davo, you could ask Timespanner (aka Lisa) I'm sure they hoover and vac ;)

    Ahh, I'll explain, Elizabeth.
    The first numbers are the goals (each goal is worth 6 points so you multiple the number of goals by 6).
    14 x 6 = 85
    The second numbers are singular points
    85 + 5 = 89.
    The last number being the final score.
    8.17.65 =
    8 x 6 = 48
    48 + 17 = 65
    And, sadly, no, the Magpies are saving their wins for future weeks (fingers crossed!).

    Yeah, I was looking for that, Lisa, was surprised it wasn't included in the Wiki article.
    Found another link with a mini video clip on the testing and the book though ;)

  5. I'm sure the magpies will do better at home.

    I thought you were going to send us to go sweep our tombs! I don't have one yet lol

  6. What a thoroughly cool vid, Jayne! Thanks very much for that link (I'll have to look at those other clips there, now, darn it!) ;-)

  7. Fingers crossed that they do, B!
    LOL I'm sure the kids are working on one for you that they prepared earlier :P

    No worries, Lisa, enjoy ;)

  8. Mighty Pooyong played hard. They will do better next time.

    Go the POO.

  9. LOL Anja ;)
    The Mighty Poo will be hitting the fan...s hard with their brilliant field work ;)