Thursday, April 23, 2009

Old King Cole was a trivial merry old soul and a history merry old soul was he, he called for his pipe, he called for his bowl and he called for April 23...

 Bit of a pattern happened on this day.
Wonder if Charlie, Lizzie and crew have bolted the doors to The Buck Palace B&B just to be on the safe side?!

303 St George of the Roman Empire, popped his clogs.

725 Wihtred, King of Kent, popped his clogs.

871 Ethelred, King of Wessex, popped his clogs.

1014 Brian Boru, King of Ireland, popped his clogs.

1016 Ethelred The Unsteady, King of the English, popped his clogs.

1124 Alexander I, King of the Scots, popped his clogs.

1616 William Shakespeare, Drama Queen extraordinaire, popped his clogs.

1813 Whilst playing a game of Rum Rebellion a group of convicts came up with the mad idea of stealing the schooner Unity from the Derwent River and disappearing off the page of history.
So...they did.

1887 There was (so rumour has it) a railway track opened on this day attached to these beautiful train station buildings some architect flung into the wilds of Victoria, one for Camperdown and a matching one for Terang.
Scroll to the pics lower down the page and click on them for some serious brick and mortar lovin'.

1960 The Nerk Twins made their debut appearance at The Fox and Hounds in Caversham, Berkshire.
If you cannot recall them perhaps the names John Lennon and Paul McCartney (at Paul's cousins' pub) may Help!
Sorry, couldn't resist...

1977 Adam and The Ants made their grand entrance at The Roxy in London.
Go drool over the young Stuart on Youtoob HERE...or catch up with the lush and ripe version HERE.

1983 Prince William dragged his mater and pater kicking and screaming along to the lawns of Government House in Auckland just to play with Buzzy Bee.
And now I know how deprived my childhood was without a Buzzy Bee.... 

1989 Kylie Minogue graced Brit Tv screens for the first time when they were given The Henderson Kids to fall asleep by watch.
Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha resistence is futile....and failing that, she's permanently perched in The Old Dart now!


  1. If you think twenty-third it doesn't work nearly as well at thinking twenty-three.

    Truly wonderful how my brain can figure things out.

  2. ...his fiddlers three. (That'd be the archbishop and his two favourite underlings then.)

  3. Yeah, but Shakey was also pupped!

    My daughter had several buzzy bee toys - New Zealand friends - and its amazing, their wings will come off with a little persuasion.

  4. LOL, Yes, exactly, Elizabeth, I'm liking the way your brain works ;)

    Pick a trio of names, any names that take your fancy, Brian - they're all interchangeable.

    Good Lord, Jeanie!
    You're not the type to pull wings off flies when fishing for Rainbow Trout, too, are you?
    Coz cheese singles moulded around the hook work soooo much better, really....

  5. Hey, I really liked the Henderson Kids! But really, what did I know back then...

    Actually I think there were cute boys in it.

  6. Strongly advise do not go looking for current pictures of Adam.

  7. Indeed. Said George's Day is just a lick and a smack away.

  8. Jayne I have just read Brian's comment why does me make me fall into terrible fits of laughter? Please explain also why you must mention those creatures called...Buzzy Bees...we have three here stashed away. Yeah Adam the Ants were cool way back when I was just a teenybopper into that kind of thing..

    By the way we had one of your protected marsupial sods scaring the life out of my mother today - where was it? Of course the killer spade was off target (growl)

    Great post and take care

  9. There's been an awful lot of dying since the dawn of time........

  10. I think there were, too, Jayne, but my memory didn't really capture the whole thing....

    Saw him in a B grade vampire schlock horror comedy flick a few years ago, Andrew... nuff said!

    lol Ta, Maddy ;)

    LMAO Liz, your poor mum!
    Hope she's ok and your aim is better next time!

    LOL River, it's a habit we've become accustomed to, indeed ;)

  11. Not a good date to be royalty.

  12. Better hide the blue blood, Marita lol.