Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On the dark trivial desert highway, cool wind in my history hair, warm smell of April colitas rising up through the 21st air

Bizarre, dear readers, pure balefully bizarre happenings in this neck of the cat-house, with the felines tripping us up, the canines nibbling on our toes and the rabid rabbits from down the lane measuring us for the pot.
And the rough side of the cat's tongue is to tenderise the prey...or so my feline chef tells me as she sandpapers my feet..............

1894 Transcribed in my own words from The Richmond Guardian (over a particularly tasty kebab)...
The latest Medical Association meeting was all agog over t*eh* th* (dratted drippy garlic sauce) the rivetting chat about a labourer in the Moe swamp having contracted blood poisoning from the scratch of a platypus' claws.
Good boy...I'll put out some extra alfalfa for you tonight....tomorrow we'll take over the world!

1917 The Imperial War Graves Commission was established to upkeep the far-too-many war memorials and cemeteries.

1961 The Masterton War Memorial Stadium played host to the first Golden Shears Competition, with 300 shearers from Oz and NZ and probably many shouts of the traditional,
"Who called the cook a bastard?"
answered with the usual ,
"Who called the bastard a cook?"
Ivan Bowen was the winner for those with wagers hanging on the outcome.

1970 Westralia farmer L.G Casley re-branded himself as Prince Leonard and his farm became The Hutt River Province, independent from the Commonwealth of Oz.
...then Dorothy clicked her Ruby slippers and chanted "There's no place like home" while Toto did a whoopsie on the rug....


  1. Somewhere, deep in the dusty vaults of my old stamp hobby, I have a first day cover from the Hutt River Province (sorry, Principality, now). I'm surprised (but delighted!) the place still exists.

  2. "...then Dorothy clicked her Ruby slippers and..."

    Told the scarecrow to get stuffed.

    I've only just woken up. You'll have to wait for me to down a few more coffees before you can expect anything better.

  3. Yes, will be a sad day when Prince Leonard leaves us, Lisa!
    There was another secession, here in Victoria, but I never did follow it up....something for me to do when the Tribe are unconscious late at night lol.

    Poor Scarecrow, he's always pretty stuffed in any straw man argument :P

  4. LOL Your post titles always, always crack me up so much. You are so clever!

  5. Our cats have been tripping us up a lot of late too.......... must be nearly the start of huntin' season.....

  6. Thanks Rhubarb ;)

    It's when they start licking your ankles you should be afraid, B...be very afraid! :P