Monday, April 20, 2009

Please tell them it isn't trivial fair to take away my only history dream April 20

 Late, yes, yes, I noticed.
Never mind, here tis, mind the bog roll blog roll and the extra additions...

It's Lima Bean Respect Day....when was the last time you showed a little respect for the oh so humble yet powerful Lima Bean?
And eating them on toast swimming in bacon and tomato doesn't count!

1836 John Batman and his missus and billy lids rocked up in Port Phillip to carve a comfy spot on Batman Hill for themselves (which is now the simply splendid Southern Cross Spencer Street Station yards).

1883 Upon the Kulwin Railway Line the Koorong Vale to Charlton (Victoria, not the one in UK) section was flung open for the many passengers who enjoyed parking their posteriors on the seats until 1977.

1895 Transcribed From The Richmond Guardian -
Things were finally getting interesting in Council chats when Mr Bennett had a jolly old whinge that when his cattle were caught out alone on the Richamond streets (after dark in fishnets and cheap perfume?) the Council impounded them and charged him the sum of 5 shillings per head to liberate them back into his clutches, no matter how short a moment the bovines had enjoyed the pleasure of the Pound.
One wonders if it ever occured to Mr Bennett he would have been better off investing those many 5 shillings into proper fencing?

1906 The London Zoo mourned the passing of it's 26 year old wombat.
....and then Princess Anne roused herself yet again.....

1908 Similar to the earlier Rakaia train crash in 1899 in New Zealand, the rail disaster at Sunshine, Victoria, involved holiday makers returning home from the Easter Long Weekend picnic, with 44 killed and 500 injured.

1958 The first Mormon Temple opened in Hamilton, NZ.


  1. Respect for the Lima Bean. I've got a great chilli recipe using Lima and Kidney beans. Might have to dig it out for use today. :)

  2. Marita beat me to it. I was going to say respect to the Lima bean lol. Gotta say in the next breath I dont like them lol.

  3. Holy Lima Beans Batman! There's a day for everything!

    Had to laugh at the immoral cows.
    I know a couple of those myself.

  4. "....and then Princess Anne roused herself yet again....."

    Now there's an unpleasant image that'll be burned into cerebral cortex for the rest of the week.

  5. I saw a packet of Lima Beans in the nut store to drool over, Marita ;)

    LOL Janine :P

    With or without the fishnets, River?!

    I could send you the photos and negatives, Brian...just to burn it in that bit deeper ;)

  6. Without fishnets, but enough makeup to sink a battleship and barely there skirts.

  7. I respect the Lima Bean. And my wife has discovered the respect to be given after I eat them by staying away from me for at least 24 hours. Particularly when consumed with liver and onions. Although in these parts they are called butter beans.