Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sadie, the trivial cleaning history lady, with trusty April 12 scrubbing brush and pail of water....

I think today's post speaks for itself.
Otherwise we could get in one of those translators to work out what the heck it's trying to say.
Not Nicole Kidman, though, we won't have her as a translator.
She'll just coo and dribble all over the page in mistake for Sunday Roast Rose.
Pass the mint sauce....and the baked spuds....and sprouts...and gravy.....

1826 Can't get a good housemaid, ladies?
Fear Not!
The Female School of Industry has just this day opened in Sydney to train girls in the Domestic Arts!
Order yours today!
But Wait!
There's More!
Order 2 or more maids and we'll throw in a free set of steak knives!
Yes, steak knives!
Even though there's nothing to eat with the steak knives they can be used to hack your way through the wood for the stove, to carve a new window above your non-existent hand basin or perhaps try cutting yourself a new pair of boots out of hubby's old saddle.
So, hurry on down to the Female School of Industry where we have sentenced imported our very own operators to take your call!

1913 The Brand Spanking New Kiwi destroyer, HMS New Zealand, began a tour around Aotearoa.
For more info click HERE.

1924 While on the other side of The Ditch... HMAS Australia was sent to the bottom of the ocean in accord with the disarmament agreements following WW1.
For particulars and a lovely photo (which would be set off nicely in a matt black frame) click HERE.

1941 The ANZAC Corps was reformed in Greece, during WW2, by General Blamey.

1961 Absolutely gorgeous and wildly talented Aussie comedian, Magda Szubanski, blessed the cabbage patch in which the stork dropped her.

1964 The Wayside Chapel in Sydney, for all of those who need a little assistance handling Life, was born on this day with help from the Good and Great Rev. Ted Noffs.

1974 Excitingly Victoria Railways adopted the name VicRail for trading.
A rose by any other name....would still run its trains late unless it wet the bed each morning at sparrow fart.

1985 An anti-gay meeting at North Shore, NZ,  was disrupted muchly by Auckland Gay Taskforce leader Peter Wall.

1985 US Federal Investigators went and shattered every childs dream and belief in fairy dust when they announced that the 4 Unicorns at the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus were fakes.
I have never forgiven them and am, in fact, still in therapy over the brutality of their news that Lancelot The Living Unicorn was a garden variety goat with a horn sewn on.



  1. "...the 4 Unicorns at the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus were fakes."

    It was later discovered that the federal agents themselves, however, were forgeries.

  2. Damn Feds ruin everything.

    Hubby is trying to get together some info on the Russell St bombings - pictures mostly - because the anniversary is coming up. He is having trouble and I thought instantly that you may know which direction to point him in.

  3. AHA! I knew it!
    Thank you, Brian, I may now go and scoff ten tonnes of chocolate in peace :P

    Umm, Marita, the anniversary was on March 27th and there's not a lot online but I can suggest HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and The Victorian Police Museum.

  4. Ah, fair Magda. That woman makes me cry with laughter, bless her.

  5. Hmmmm he was certain it was April 19th. Thanks for the info and the correct date :-)

  6. Yes Anja - Magda is really something. Love Mrs.McGregor, and
    "I said pet, I said love ..."
    She said in an interview that character came from seeing "a woman who looked like her make-up went on in 1942 and had only been touched-up ever since".

    the WWeekly touched-up photos of Magda are a worry. I hope she survives the weight-loss expectations.

    and Jayne: every time I see movie explosions I think of Russell St and the bereaved.
    Our local experience showed that people cannot stand-up after an explosion, and their clothes get blasted right off.
    hello Mel Gibson & Danny Glover?

    Wishing youse all a
    Happy Easter Monday renewal -

  7. She is, indeed, a blessing, Anja :)

    NP, Marita :)

    Magda's so beautiful already, Brownie, those budgie-cage-liner magazines don't need to touch up any photos of her at all!
    Mick, Keef, Charlie, et el have been rolling their stones for a fair few decades now...:P

  8. Happy Holidays Jayne. Hope the chocolate is sliding down nicely. Sad about the unicorns. Spoil sports.

  9. I wonder if the Gay Taskforce Leader slipped in through the backdoor?

  10. I see we've moved on to John Farnham. Although he was known as Johnny in his Sadie years.
    I love Magda Szubanski. She's good in anything she does.

  11. A Sunday Roast? I have a date with Tom Cruise...

  12. The choccie is making up for the unicorns, Colin ;)

    Possibly, Evyl :P

    Magda, River, unlike John (Johnny) Farnham has never had to reinvent herself lol ;)

    Sorry, Rhubarb, in that case I put in dibs on the Sunday nappy changes!
    LOL He's all yours ;)

  13. Happy chocolate bunny day my love!!

    Damn fake feds ruining the fake unicorn business!

  14. Thank you, M'Dear, and the same lovely felicitations to your good self ;)
    Damn Feds lol ;)