Saturday, April 18, 2009

She keeps trivial Moet et Chandon in a history pretty cabinet,Let them eat April 18 cake she says

 Hopefully the MIGHTY Poowong Magpies will be coming home a triumphant team of winners this arvo!
So, pop on down to Poowong (only 90 mins from Melbourne!) to savour the delights of the town, the atmosphere and the footy match.
Adopt a Country Footy Team to help keep our rural communities alive.

1847 The Gilfillan farm , near Wanganui, was raided by Maori and resulted in the murders of 4 of the family.
For further information click HERE and HERE.

1872 Oh you great sodding bastards.
To think ... we've been deprived of the chance to catch a train from the oh-so-gorgeously titled Schoolhouse Lane train station, which happened to open on this day as the terminus of the North East Railway line from Essendon.
May your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny door down.

1969 Brit singer Lulu got hitched to Aussie singer Bee Gee Maurice Gibb.
Twas a match made in heaven, obviously, when they had to delay their honeymoon for her appearence in  the Eurovision song contest.....!

1970 Today was a Saturday, waaaaaaaaaay back when VFL Park opened. that animal's as dead as the proverbial doornail and we can thank the dwarves and their gold mining for that, now can't we?!
Whaddya mean "what planet are you on and have you taken the wrong meds again"?
The whole planet is over-run with evil gold mining dwarves with 'nads of stainless steel and a pathological hatred of living doornails.
Don't tell me you've actually seen a living doornail lately?
See? Proves I'm right!

2004 Connex took over the rail network in Victoria.
 Lo, the Goddess did See this and was Most Sad.
Yea, she did weep buckets.
And bewail her lost train set with much teeth gnashing and flailing of tree tops.
She did call before Her the Minions who doth scurry about the government hallways but they were afrightened to face the Goddess for they knew they had done Her a most foul wrong, so they hid themselves in the teeny tiny ratholes and, thus, to this day they are shunned by all that is good and kind.


  1. Not so good to see that back then we had to import steel girders from England. Couldn't a smithy knock them up after his quota of horse shoes?

  2. Only ninety minutes from Melbourne? In Blighty we'd call that 'forn parts'.

  3. Garn the mighty Poowong Magpies!!!

  4. The way the tracks have been buckling in the heat due to no spacing, Andrew, I think that's exactly what they've been using!
    Can you picture Kosky out there with the hammer and anvil...?

    LOL Brian! I used to drive 2hours, each way, every day to work in Melbourne ;)

    Yay, Jeanie ;)
    A girl with excellent taste lol.

  5. Gold mining dwarves? Oh goody when's the Dwarf shoot then I'll be first in the queue....And yeah Queen still rocks. Cool post.


  6. LOL
    Thanks, Liz, I'll save you a seat at the shoot ;)

  7. Wow Connex were not in total control when I first moved here. I have vague memories of two different tram operators back in 2000 but thought they'd merged shortly after that.

  8. "...She did call before her the minions..." who were too afraid to stand up and take their punishment, just like all governments everywhere.