Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shock! Horror! Lesbian kiss on tv! Or is it?

Dear lord, the fuss, flutter and furor, over 2 gals kissing on an Aussie soap, from the rabid right is akin to a bitch fight in a drag queen kareoke contest.
Except drag queens bitch fight with much more class.
Supposedly tens of thousands turned their back on the soap....pardon? I thought most people with good taste did that every few weeks anyway. But no, the Dreaded Grrrl Lip Locking Tonsil Hockey Scene was going to see Summer Bay sink beneath the waves.....or so we're lead to believe.
Hmmm....I don't remember the rabid right kicking up a stink (or the tens of thousands of viewers turning away) at the scene of the ordained priest kissing a woman or the gay chef character or the cross-dressing politician in Aussie soap Something In The Air.
Or at the lesbian story line in Aussie soap Neighbours.
Or the various lesbian story lines/scenes in Aussie soap Prisoner.
Or the transgender and cross-dressing and gay storylines throughout the years of Aussie soap A Country Practice.
Or the lesbian storylines over the years on Aussie soap All Saints.
Or the gay love scenes and full-frontal nudity in Aussie soap Number 96.
Or the implied almost-but-not-quite-incest storyline of Aussie soap Sons and Daughters.
Or the constant bed hopping antics of Aussie soap The Young Doctors.
Methinks some people are just too obsessed with other people's sex lives....probably because they have none of their own.


  1. Nothing like a bit of controversy to invigorate flagging ratings.

  2. I did not see the offending 'depravation' *yawns* but this is not a new thing.

    As the show has a 7pm timeslot, I doubt it was a full on scene. What is the problem with some people? Do they think if they put on their peril sensitive sunglasses and hold their hands over their ears it will all go away.


  3. And were were the protests about the actually shows about lesbians with full gay love scenes if it's such a big deal?

    It happens, kids know it, why hide it.


  4. Lesbians have been snogging each other on soaps over here for years. Even the ladies' bathnight scene on Playschool last month went by without comment.

  5. That just about sums up the "fart in a B cup", CH ;)

    Anja - all pigs are created equal...but some are more equal than others ;)

    Exactly, B.
    Much healthier to acknowledge that they are buttoned down, repressed halfwits with their heads shoved so far up their backsides they can see daylight than to make everyone conform to their twisted ideal of "normality" ;)

  6. Brian, you missed the screeching nutters that created a fuss when a tiny film segment for Aussie Playschool featured a little girl with TWO Mummies!!! SHOCK! HORROR!
    It kept the media in print for several weeks, FFS.
    And most kids who saw the "offending" episode didn't even twig to anything!

  7. I am gagging for sex so bad that seeing that kiss might have set me off.

    Seriously, I love it how there is uproar about it from the religious, uptight, homophobic groups..yet they must have watched it to see it happen. Wankers.

  8. Must have been the 7pm timeslot. Heaven forbid that our children (well, their children, since i have none) should clap eyes on -gasp! - lesbians! I mean, as if that would happen in the Real World.

  9. The wankers probably have sex once a month/year when Saturn is in the 3rd quadrant of the Rising Walrus Monkey-Butt, Red ;)

    Golly gosh, Jayne, nooooooo! Lesbians having a kiss could never happen in the Real World, surely?!

  10. What what what? There were cross-dressing and transgender storylines in ACP?

    Blimey. I must have been too young when it came off the telly to remember.

    Storm. In. Teacup.

    For goodness' sake, you can see bodies blown to bits on the 6pm news, what's love between two adults got to do with it?

  11. Yep, way back early in the series, MD, when they were throwing mirrors at the audience to have a good long look at themselves...before the Molly and Brendan/Vicky and Simon circus took over.
    Exactly, Skyhooks' Horror Movie is still relevant today.