Saturday, April 11, 2009

This is where trivial Summer history ends,In a April 11 flash of pure destruction,Goin' Nuclear

Looking back on historic events it never ceases to amaze what sent some people off into conniptions or anger-fueled protest rants or seeking comfort in prayer due to misconceptions of the *shocking* effects from some new-fangled occurrence (like giving women the vote, recognising Indigenous People as having equal rights, or thinking the world would all jump the fence if same-sex marriages are allowed).
Which, inevitably, never happened or was so insignificant that no one gave a fat rat's clacker.
Most of the time.

1856 During a public chat session in Melbourne Dr Thomas Embling coined the phrase "Eight hours labour, eight hours recreation, eight hours rest" which was later incorporated into most industries (and the world didn't fall apart).

1914 GJ Coles opened a "Nothing over a shilling" store in Collingwood (and the world didn't fall apart).

1919 The votes of 40,000 troops away at war saw the prohibition campaign done to death in the referendum in Aotearoa (and the world didn't fall apart).

1921 Bert Hinkler broke his aviation record from Sydney to Bundaberg then taxied the plane down the street to his mothers gate (and the world didn't fall apart).

1984 The first baby in Oz developed from a frozen embryo was delivered in a hospital in Melbourne (and the world didn't fall apart).

1987 The NZ Gov-Gen, Sir Paul Reeves, opened the Awhina (HIV/AIDS) Centre, at Wellington, in a dawn ceremony (and the world didn't fall apart).

2006 President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, told the world that Iran had enriched its supply of uranium (and, finally, the world came close to falling apart).

The MIGHTY Poowong Footy club is facing Catani at the MIGHTY Poowong MAGPIES home ground today!
Don't forget to pop down for a fun-filled footy day with plenty of laughs, jocularity and liveliness on hand...and that's just what's happening before the footy match begins!


  1. "...then taxied the plane down the street to his mothers gate (and the world didn't fall apart)."

    Just his mother's gate, because of all the vibration.

  2. Gee, I looked online at the Rugby Zone for the streaming video of the Poowong Footy Club game but I couldn't find it... ;)

  3. Oh, I don't know - growing up in a community that still blames the unions for the fact that so much manufacturing goes off shore, that whole eight hours thing and the world falling apart might be closer than you think.

    Sunlight hours are for working, all six days a week (only small jobs on Sundays - can be a bit of a smitey God).

  4. 8 hours days.. I wish. Hubby works 12 hours. I suppose he does get 8 hours rest in between but his play time is all disappeared.

  5. Damn, what I'd do for an 8 hour day at the moment!!
    Sounds like heaven....
    Go Poowong!!

  6. ...and then she had kindling for the fire that evening to cook supper so they all lived happily ever after :P

    Victorian Country Football League, Aussie Rules-style footy, Kuaka ;)
    None of this rugby stuff...
    (ducks and hides).

    I like the theory of unions, Jeanie, but there's been far too much greedy BS in the name of unionism...and a Smitey God on Sundays sounds familiar ;)

    Yeah, the whole 8/8/8 has become an Urban myth, Marita ;)

    Just think Mo - that's 8+ hours of mischief you're not getting into!

  7. Kuaka couldn't find the Poowong video ... and the world didn't fall apart.

    If Catani prevails over Mighty Poowong (shock! horror!)
    the world wont fall apart.

    On the other hand ... nuclear power controlled by the various loopy Leaders we all know (Gaddafi, Jong Ill and ilk) ... well that's another thing

    love youse all though.

  8. It's amazing the things that the world hasn't fallen apart over isn't it? lol

  9. I think we'd all loves ya through a nuclear fall out and all, Ann ;) :P

    If the aliens still haven't figured out how to make out planet fall to bits I don't know why humans think stupidity will do the trick, B ;)

    Thank you, Anonymous spam critter, I'd prefer a bowl of creamy chicken soup to eat, rather than have some sex slave rub my feet with chook fat :P

  10. GJ Coles would probably be turning in his grave knowing that these days his stores hold nothing UNDER a shilling.

  11. That's what the Kooweerup earthquakes have been lately, River ;)