Sunday, April 5, 2009

Time to ape the Sandgropers, Kosky-Baby!

Oi, Lynney sweetie, darling, darling, sweetie?
Have you seen this media release about seniors and disabled pensioners getting {better sit down, snooks} FREE transport in off-peak times in Westralia?
As it was released today, a full 4 days after April Fools' Day, I'm pretty certain it's not a joke.
Yes, we all joke about those Sandgropers being a tad slow off the mark but, Lynney-Petal, they've just left us eating their exhaust fumes.


  1. Lynny has a very strict "head in sand" policy when it comes to planning. It'd explain why she identified my parody as "cheeky" that time at Flinders Street station.

  2. That's a fantastic idea. Who'd have thunk it that them over the desert could come up with such a great idea?

  3. All the pensioners in Blighty have free bus and tram passes (even the Queen). Michelle's looking forward to retiring. She might be able to afford to travel to work when she does.

  4. I knew there was something beachy about her, Reuben :P

    The 'Gropers have given us Kim Hughes, Dennis Lillee, West Coast Eagles...oh, yes, I see your point, Anja ;)

    Ummm....what is retirement age in the UK, Brian?
    60 (ladies) 65 (blokes) here in Oz.
    One would assume Michelle's got a lengthy wait on her hands!

  5. NZ senior citizens have had free off-peak public transport since late last year, brought in by the previous government. It includes ferry rides to Waiheke Island here in Auckland.

    I've a while to go before I'm eligible, tragically ...

  6. That's ok, Lisa, the Victorian state govt is hell-bent on dragging us ever-backwards into The Dark Ages.
    Pretty soon we'll be expected to supply the hay to fuel the horse-drawn trams....

  7. Heh. Seriously, if they ever did bring back horse-drawn trams -- I'd be back over to pay good ol' Melbourne a visit. That'd bring in the tourist dollars by the plane-load. I loved watching your existing trams enough, as it is ...

  8. It used to be 63 for women, but since the government's buggered up the pensioner scheme it's being raised to 65 (the same as men). That's equality for you.

  9. Lisa if they brought in horse-drawn trains it would be more reliable than the current system ;)
    I'll start stockpiling the hay lol ;)

    Ahhh, ok, Brian, another case of "we've stuffed up so you can wait longer for your hard-earned rewards".
    Middle finger to 'em!