Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To those who think it's ok not to vaccinate

There are some out there who've bought into the whole "vaccinations are evil poisons and the diseases are nothing compared to the damage the injections cause" bullshyte hype.
Don't get me wrong, I fully appreciate some are genuinely sensitive/allergic to these immunisations...but there's a growing group who deliberately choose not to vaccinate and paint the diseases as mild.
Yeah, coz Polio is as mild as the common cold which is why my mother was having recurring problems 60+ years after suffering from it as a 3 yr old.
That killed my Great Grandmother as she was helping nurse my mother at the time.
The same disease that put radio legend John Laws into hospital in 1962.
And my Godmother's perfectly normal 5 yr old son who contracted Measles - meek and mild Measles, why bother to immunise against that? I've heard some people say - who became a severely intellectually retarded child with multiple physical problems who went on to grow up to be a LARGE man with deteriorating brain functions and increasing physical difficulties.
He lived in Kew Cottages after he became too large for his own mother to care for and is now living in a nursing home - aged 46.
See, they don't tell you what really happens when your child isn't protected against these diseases, those halfwits who would have us back in the Dark Ages.
Inflammation of the brain can lead to disabilities, both physical and intellectual.
When the crisis has passed and the parents are left with the child do you think these rabid nutcases are hanging about offering to help change the child's nappies or feed them?
How about when the child is no longer a child but is still in nappies and still needs feeding or turning in bed or transferring from bed to chair to shower, etc?
Any help being freely offered then?
How about the woman who's just "made the record" of living 60 years in an iron lung due to polio she caught 1 week before she was going to marry?
Anyone think she's never once wished the polio vaccine was available for her?
And what about those who are too young to be immunised but who are made sick by ignorant idiots walking about in the community sharing the diseases they carry?
A blogger I enjoy reading wrote about her friends' 4 week old baby who died from Whooping Cough just last month, March 2009.
Too young to be vaccinated but not too young to contract it and die.
Read about Dana HERE.
Then try to spin me a line of bullshyte about how vaccinations are dreadful.


  1. "Then try to spin me a line of bullshyte about how vaccinations are dreadful."

    I never said a word against 'em...honest. I only came in for the history stuff.

  2. *Applause*

    Great Post Jayne. These halfwits who refuse to immunise without a medical reason to do so endanger the rest of us and our families. A return to the dark ages is the only way to describe where their "thinking" would lead.

  3. Oh Yeah!! You rock Jayne. It's like that stuff about the MMR Vaccination causing Autism. Yeah right. Half my family have ASD we're a bunch of certified wierdos and it's genetic HELLO (no offence to those with autism I have ASD myself.LOL and all 3 of my kids are affected by it as well) Sorry but my kids are vaccinated so I can't be in the PC club anymore now can I. Cool post. I'll go back to being wierd now gee MMR made me get ASD?

  4. That's ok, Brian, you can take notes :P

    Thank you, Dave.

    LOL, Liz, exactly!
    My hubby and his Dad are both on the Autistic Spectrum and neither got the MMR vaccine so, gee, I wonder how they got it?! lol ;)
    No offense taken, my 12 yr old has Asperger's, too ;)


    I was in the middle of writing up something that was too close to resembling a mini thesis and you said it far more concisely than I ever could.

    May children please be spared the lunatics that buy into the crap that is spread about immunisation.

  6. Thank you Jayne, you wrote exactly what I was thinking [ well, more like mumbling under my breath in a really cranky tone] and without the extra words I had tossed in.

  7. I remember having the mumps when I was little............ boy was that painful! I was so sick.

  8. Yes!

    It also makes us harder for those that couldn't let our children have booster shots.
    Small Man hasn't had his booster that he was meant to get when he was in grade 6 - I was advised against it as he's been so unwell, liver function well out etc.


  9. Parents who choose not to have their children vaccinated for anything other than medical reasons should be charged with reckless endangerment, and should the poor child be unfortunate enough to die from one of the afflictions they could have been vaccinated against, then it's murder...pure and simple.
    My kids were always first in line for anything that was offered {in those days the g'ment provided them free of charge} They hated me for it, but now? Their kids are fully vaccinated the minute they're old enough.
    There are so many diseases we had eradicated from this country until the bleeding heart, new age morns got their sticky fingers into the pie.
    Now TB is rearing it's ugly head again, as is Whooping Cough. Measles is one of the most insidious things there is, and don't get me started on Mumps...
    Ok...going home now before this turns into a mini post..or is it too late??
    **thunderous applause** from this corner Jayne...bloody good post....

  10. Well...when you put it like THAT....!

  11. "too young to be immunised"
    That was my younge, aged 5 months he caught measles from the 7 months old baby staying in the room adjacent to us in a Melbourne hotel. His mum and I allowed the boys to touch hands as we waited for the elevator, next day her boy came out with his rash, my boy just over a week later. He generously shared it with his 3 older siblings who had all been vaccinated so only got a mild fever and cold sympoms each. J recovered without any later side effects, thankfully. He is 28 now.

  12. You know my thoughts Jayne my love.

    Once again, I see the genetic link in our family. And nothing to do with Vaccines, in fact Celtic Lad was vaccinated a widdle late as he was a prem.

  13. It takes a very religious mind to believe they do damange...ironic, seeing as some Christians do believe exactly that.

  14. My family are sure that it was contracting measles at around 3 years of age that caused my almost-cousin's problems. (Not being born at the time, I can't really say what he was like before he got the measles, but from all accounts he was healthy and happy ... and then he got measles with a raging fever and his mental development slid from that point onwards). He's now a 50 year old man who has the mental age of about 7.