Thursday, April 9, 2009

We're all going on a trivial holiday, we're all going on April 9th where the history sea is blue

I've started drinking coffee again.
Now I remember why I stopped in the first place.
Off to play in the State Library, run amok at the local historical society and generally Do Stuff.
And maybe Other Stuff, too.

Oh, by the way to Brian (coz I'm getting caffeine withdrawals and my brain's turning to sludge, more than it usually is) TT ep when Phil's DNA was tested (2008) geneologist supported the peaceful-living-and-trading theory with the Saxons, catagorically stated the constant invasion theory was incorrect myth.
And 2005 ep at Goldcliff (Wales) unearthed Stone Age footprints in former sea edge salt marsh like Dave's photos (it was Dave.H, wasn't it? apologies if I got the name wrong gee I'm tired eyes are soooooooooooo heavy and it's only 10.19pm on Wednesday evening I'm turning into an old fart who goes to bed with the birds night night).

1865 Mad Dog Morgan - who happened to be not a shoe salesman but a bushranger - was done a mortal mischief near Wangaratta.

Stuff happened.
People were pupped.
People kicked the bucket.
Some even...oh, look!

1909 Dear Bobby Helpmann, who was pupped at Mt Gambier, South Oz, on this day, once stated,
"The trouble with nude dancing is that not everything stops when the music does."
I think there's something in that for all of us.....{she says not looking at anyone in particular tighten that belt Johnson I can hear your smutty mind ticking over}

1932 Anger and frustration at the lack of help boiled over into protesters attacking the Dunedin Hospital Board offices.
To learn more about the Depression Riots click HERE.

That's some serious shyte, man.....

1989 The first Aussie 500 cc motorbike Big Prick Grand Prix was won at Phillip Island by Wayne Gardner.

2002 The Queen Mum was buried in Westminster Abbey.
But I'm unable to confirm the use of a silver bullet, garlic, Holy Water and/or wooden stake.
Although there was an overly-large flea collar sighted near the church...


  1. ooo we are both about the shiny today!

    Have fun doing stuff today! Looking forward to hearing about it. Got to be more interesting than more packing.

  2. Jayne, was Dave H. (The 'H' stands for Hampson...soon to be our new P.R. and publicity officer.)

    Incdentally, did the DNA results reveal how long those shorts had been stuck up Phil's crack?

  3. Coffee is all good lol, I had two real ones yesterday. I normally limit myself to one a day. Wow at the riots, I ended up reading about the Manners street riot as well and trhe Auckland prison lol. We are a nation of scrappers. Enjoy ya day at the library.

  4. No, thanks, Anonymous, I gave up sex for Lent in 1948 :)

    Shiny is soooo good, B ;)
    Pack the kids into small trunks until they help :P

    DNA failed, Brian, so they tried carbon dating but no go.
    They were going to use dendrochronology but they busted their weekly budget excavating said shorts :P

    Oz is up there with you Kiwi's in scrapping, Janine lol.
    Could be not enough coffees...or too many lol ;)

  5. Mad Dog!

    Oh, I haven't heard that name in years. I used to live a (relative) stone's throw from his favourite hideout...

  6. I think we need a few more Mad Dog's in our history, Nomes, to appreciate just how mad, bad and dangerous he was to know lol.

  7. *Trotted back to Meet the Wyre Archaeology Crowd post and waved to Dave 2 aka Dave Hampson aka Wyre Archaeology PR Officer*

  8. Jayne,

    Soon to be P.R. manager...we haven't had the AGM yet.

  9. Mmm, summer holidays where the sea is blue, there's a dream worth dreaming.