Monday, April 27, 2009

Whoa Black Betty (trivial bam a lam) whoa Black Betty (history bam a lam) Black Betty had an April 27 child (bam a lam) damn thing's gone wild (bam a lam)

...and now that you have the tune trickling through your brain go check out the full video clip to Spiderbait's superior version HERE.
Coz I loves me some of that hot rod....and the ballsy song...and Kram is a nice eyeful over brekkie at the computer desk of a morning....

Am currently bopping to music from Keating! The Musical which is being replayed on telly.
I like a good musical.....wish there were more feather boas and fishnets and corsets in this one but it seems only Alexander Downer (Federal Aussie pollie, of course) got to flash his flesh.

It's Morse Code Day to commemorate the date of Samuel Morse's birth on this date in 1791.
So...go dot and dash yourself about the place like a wild whirlygig.
Go know you really want to....

1805 Gov King parceled up some troops and posted them off to the Hawkesbury region to deal with the European settlers who'd been done a (fatally) nasty mischief by the Aboriginals.

1827 In Regent Park the London Zoo opened on this day.
At least they've managed to lengthen Princess Anne's leash over time...

1867 John and Thomas Clarke were not "poor, misunderstood lads who didn't bond with their mother/father/teacher, were toilet trained too early/late, never had a pony/bicycle/scooter/spray can/flick knife of their very own" they really were very naughty boys.
They were so naughty in fact they were arrested, on this day, for bushranging and poking 4 Special Constables with pistols and lead bullets.

1893 Kiwi Prime Minister John Ballance (who was so healthily balanced he supported women getting the vote) passed away from cancer on this day and was buried following a state funeral 3 days later.
Read more about this chappie HERE.

1895 Gossip from the Richmond Guardian -
The Swan Street train station and bridge were a damn eye-sore way back then.
Phew, it's not just me, then!

1898 Just for Lisa (who's a Weet-Bix girl at heart and can we state "I did 3 this morning, how many did you do?" even though it sounds awful LOL) The Sanitarium Health Food Agency was registered in Oz on this date.
But 2 teaspoons of sugar and just enough milk to cover makes it seems as fresh as a daisy...

1971 Relics were dragged up from the 1629 wreck of the Batavia off the coast of Westralia.
Yes, yes, it's not actually archaeology but treasure hunting.


  1. I have no idea that morse code was that old......clearly I need to do more homework!

  2. Friends of mine do a great mimed Black Betty right through the drum solo and everything.

    SpiderBait are one of (if not) my fav Aus Band. Who can forget the tunes on Shashaglava?

    or the single pony?

    pure. Australian. GOLD.

  3. Excellent Maddy... ---... --- !

    Abso-friggin'-lutely, DB ;)
    They're fucken awesome ;)