Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You filthy bastard pricks!

I was going to say pig-dogs but I've met many a pig-dog with better manners than the filthy creatures I've had the misfortune to cross paths with recently.
Had to move 3 times in the space of 7 mins on entering the 12:40pm train to Flinders Street yesterday because I refuse to sit next to/opposite filthy, disgusting bastards who PICK THEIR NOSE!
What makes you imagine, in any dimension of reality, that picking dirty mucus from out of your nose is in ANY form ACCEPTABLE to other people?!
Yes, it is DIRTY, you squalid little piles of dog shyte.
Do you think ANYONE wants to witness the vile, revolting muck you go gouging for in your nasal passages?
Only to watch you intently inspect the foul filth once you've liberated it?
I don't care if your mothers were too stupid or lazy (or both) to teach you decent, socially acceptable manners but let me assure you that aint frigging gold you're mining there, you scum-sucking bottom dwellers.
Perhaps Connex should offer carriages CLEAN & RESPECTABLE (for us normal transport users) and others labelled NOSE PICKERS & SHYTE KICKERS (for you manky slime).
Shall I inform readers that a Buddhist monk was one filthy, disgusting nose picker?
How about the teen tragic waiting to drop her guts in child birth with her index finger surely buried in her brain (or what passed for her grey matter)?
What about the middle-aged gentleman, well-dressed but obviously looking for entertainment somewhere deep inside his sinus'?
Do any of you filthy pricks care that you inspire regurgitation and revulsion in your fellow travellers?


Mistress B said...

I'm sensing a little anger dear Jayne.........

Anja said...

Yep, they come from all walks of life. Scum sucking filth is everywhere.

Widdle Shamrock said...

Don't hold back Jayne, tell us how you really feel.

Nose picking in public is not cutie cutie.

Timespanner said...

That's visual disgustingness. Audial disgustingness on public transport are those who don't blow their noses -- just keep on sinus-snorting the mucus. Loudly.

That is at least up there with the pickers ...

dam buster said...

Jayne - do you know how hard it it to type this comment while picking!

Jayne said...

Just a tad, B ;)

They need cleaning up, Anja.

It's vile, WS!

Oh, Gawd, YES, Lisa, equally revolting.

You'll get a slapped wrist and a box of tissues tossed at you, DB lol :P

Brian Hughes said...

First you pick it,
Then you lick it,
Then you roll it,
Then you flick it.

I love the wonderful world of chavs. They're so cool.

River said...

At the very least they could keep these activities wi the privacy of their own homes. Disgusting for sure.

Jayne said...

That is soooooo from the schoolyard LMFAO

Abso-bloody-lutely, River.
Pure filth.

pure evyl said...

At least they weren't masturbating.