Thursday, May 14, 2009

2nd Uni Essay results in - and some history to keep you off the streets for 5 mins

Feral Beast just got his second University (aka College) essay returned with a Distinction ( 74%-85%).
Of course we celebrated here with home-made healthy pizzas, black tea, Sarsparilla and ice cream for sweets.
Wild party animals that we be....!

1897 Clever clogs Kiwis (try saying that 3 times with your teeth out!) began Pigeon Post between Auckland and Great Barrier Island.
Read more about it HERE and have a stickybeak at Pigeon Post House, in Auckland, HERE.

1907 The Royal NZ Plunkett Society was born on this day by Dr Truby King.

1941 NZ Minesweeper HMS Puriri was sunk in Hauraki Gulf when it hit a German Mine.
Read more HERE.

1943 Australian hospital ship The Centaur was sunk by a Japanese torpedo just off the coast of Queensland.
Only 64 survived out of 333 on board, with only one nurse surviving.
Read more HERE.

1984 The $1 coin went out into the big wide world and found its way into many a strangers pocket, wallet and purse....sometimes it's even had to explain how it got down the back of a couch or 3.


  1. Congrats to the small rabid one!

  2. Congratulations from me as well, Jayne -- awesome result!

    Your $1 coin being larger than the $2 coin was quite a mind-bender for this simple Kiwi when I was last on your shores. Our coins are the reverse ($2 larger than the $1). Great confusion when I thought for a few moments the change dispenser at the rail station had given me too much money ...! :)

  3. 1897--I wonder if the pigeon post was more reliable than australia Post is now? pigeons don't go on strike do they?

    1984--I saved one of the paper (plasticky?)dollar notes when the coins came in, also a two dollar note,an original five dollar note, and I have one of the fives that came in between the original and the current one. All safely tucked away with my one pound note and my ten shilling note.

    Congratulations F.B.

  4. Yeeeha! A *6 / Distinction* is awesome :)

  5. Thanks, Lisa :)
    Commonsense to make the larger value larger obviously got lost in translation in the Oz mint lol.

    Apparently it was quite reliable, River, which is more than can be said....
    OH! You're shouting fish 'n' chips then, River? lol

    Thanks, Amanda, yep, we couldn't agree with you more! :)

  6. Congratulations to Feral Beast :)