Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Addition to recipes... a la Kitteh!

Hey, thought I'd add a tad to the growing number of recipes being added here...

this ones my own.

you'll need:

Puff pastry
Sweetened condensed milk (calcium)
brown sugar (better for you than white)
Banana's (potassium)
Strawberries (win)

(please note that I'm still perfecting the recipe and haven't, off the top of my head, all of the measurements yet... but make with as much or as little as how YOU like it.)

Take the pastry and slice it into squares. Taking each corner, pinch them so that you have created a flat based bowl of sorts.
Pour in some Sweetened condensed milk. Add a sprinkling of brown sugar and cinnamon powder.
Slice the bananas into little circles and place on top of the Sugar and cinnamon. add a tad bit more brown sugar to the top of the bananas.
Bake until pastry is slightly golden.
Once the bases have finished in the oven, let cool.
in this time create the gelatin mix, the method is usually on the side of the container and slice the strawberries into hearts (cut them in half).
place the strawberries on the bananas and pour the gelatin on top to seal.
place in fridge to cool and set.

Serve on top of your partner. :)


  1. :-o that serving suggestion is WUDE!!!


    Want an easy savoury option?

    Sheet of puff pastry
    Tin of chilli refried beans
    Tin of creamed corn
    Fresh tomato, sliced thinly

    Spread the beans and corn fairly thinly over the pastry, add a thin layer of tomato slices, roll up, then slice into rounds and bake.

    PS. Sounds as tho you bake like me - make it up as you go, then try to figure out the measurements to make a recipe out of it!

  2. I'm being snarky, feel free to ignore me. When using condensed milk presumably you have the tin right in front of you? Good. Then you can see that condensed is spelled with an "s". The grammar nazi in me is ignoring your other mistakes because I love your posts.

  3. Yep, Nomes, that's the way she bakes lol, by the seat of her pants!

    She's a shocker for spelling when she's in a rush, River, lol, I'll fix it now :)

  4. I can't visualise them. Can you make some and post them to me pls Kitteh.

  5. So-rry... I was writing it between calls at work (I work in a call centre) and spelling was the last thing on my mind.
    LOL! thanks Mum!

    The funny thing is I'm the same! I have to correct everyone around me... old habits die hard 4.0...

  6. haha Andrew, you'll need very much to make it yourself... they're great both hot (fresh from the oven) and cold. because its so sweet... i prefer Yogurt as a garnish, as it off sets the sweet flavour :)

  7. sorry Smitteh kitteh (deliberate) I am going to have to respectfully disagree with your ascertation that brown sugar is better for you.

    It's more processed than white. They extract it, remove the molosses, bleach it and deoderise it to make white then put the molasses back in again to make brown.

    Makes no sense to me either but there you go.

    You'd be better using raw.