Friday, May 22, 2009

Am I ever gonna see your face again? No way get fucked, fuck off!

So basically everyone is happy to remain fat?
My daughter may not have covered the fact that some medical conditions cause weight gain and weight loss is out of some people's control completely but her overall message was to encourage people to get off their backsides and exercise and/or eat a little bit healthier.
God fucking forbid that ANYONE should accept the most sensible bloody thing that's staring us all in the bloody face because the fucking news is full of the same fucking thing every fucking day.
Australia is full of fatty boom-bahs....our arses are 7 axe handles wide and growing....NONE of the kids who attended school with Feral Beast ever actually WALKED to school including kids who lived 3 streets away.....a junk food diet of 7 days per week is deadly for children and adults.
Are you all happy to accept that this generation will probably out-live their children due to medical conditions associated with the junk food diets?
Yes, I'm a fatty boom-bah right alongside everyone else, I'm certainly no shrinking violet although I'd love to be.
Exercise can help in several areas including depression - oh wait, that might be why we growled at the sulky psych patients into getting off their lard arses and go for a frigging walk around the block in the sunshine.
Gee, better tell the medical staff they're doing it all wrong and that patients should be allowed to wallow in self-pity on their fat backsides in a room to get the pity vote.
Do I sound fucking pissed off?
Fucking hell yeah.
I've got a kid on the phone in tears who was trying to encourage others to discover the fun she's recently found by attending a gym but some of you had to climb on your pissy soap boxes and attack her.
You may all kiss my ring hole.


  1. Mama Tiger attacks. Well said Jayne. I reiterate what I said before you have a very level headed daughter.

  2. lol @ marita

    mama tiger was exactly what I thought too.

  3. Jayne,

    I smoke, I drink, I eat way too much.
    But you know what they, drink and be merry for tomorrow we diet.

    Now I'm off to dig a hole in an attempt to work off that last sausage butty.

  4. I am fat, far too overweight, and with some indicators in my family tree (gestational diabetes, cancers including bowel cancer, strokes, arteriosclerosis) which make my GP frown. I'm also a depressive, but only mildly so. I should eat better stuff (working on that), and exercise more (fitting that in with work is the challenge, but -- I'm working on it).

    That said -- did I get upset at Feral Queen's post? Heck, no. I read it, took it as sound advice which I'll endeavour to take on board, and moved on. And that's not because I like you, Jayne, your blog or the way you talk so proudly about your family and what they're up to. It's because when there are problems, they need fixing.

    Obesity statistics for NZ are climbing as much as Australia. We are a land of the spreading arse, mine included. Now, 'cause I'm tightening the ol' belt moneywise these days, a lot of those takeaways, quick meals etc. are off the menu because they cost more than I can afford except as treats. I've lost a bit of my weight recently -- I'm hoping that's a trend, but we'll see.

    I'm sorry there's been so much upset over what was, truly, a damn decent and informative post. Lots of touchiness about weight out there in 'Netland. Please let Feral Queen know that I gave her a thumbs up for a very good post.

  5. Jayne Spot on and give Feral Queen the thumbs up from me too. Lisa is spot on with her view about NZ. Me I don't have a weight problem only because the kids and I are on a farm and sitting down is not an option here. You've got a daughter with her head screwed on the right way for sure. Cool post the blog troll loves this one.

    Take care

  6. Mommy blogs may piss me off, but one thing I've always enjoyed watching is the primal vicious that comes from a mother when her child has been hurt.

    Tell that wonderful daughter of yours the next time some asswipe makes comments like that to her, the best thing to do is laugh at the fucktard.

  7. I thought Feral Queen's post was excellent. I haven't yet had a chance to follow all those links she put in, but I'm going to. Her post has actually kick started me into trying again to get out and walk more, and eat more fruit and veg. We've been slack around here lately because L prefers the easier foods, chips, pies, etc so that's waht we've been doing. Today I went shopping and my veggie crispers are full again. I'm going back to the cooking which takes more planning and effort. L will probably disagree with me, but my health is at stake. My excess weight is putting strain on my hip and knee joints, one of the reasons why walking is painful, but I'm going to walk anyway. Thank You, Feral Queen, I apologise if I upset you in any way.

  8. Holy Moly... missed something bad here!!! Hugs to your Feral Queen. One of life's little lessons I guess: the world is not COMPLETELY full of great people. Deep breath. Refocus on the good-uns again. (Is it wrong that I now have the Angels blasting in my head???)

  9. Thank you for your words of support and encouragement :)

  10. Have spent some time today reading through what was obviously a shit fight.
    The title of the post was perfect Jayne.
    Bloody well said....