Monday, May 25, 2009

Back to our usual programming May 25

It is Towel Day, when every Hitch-hiker should carry the oh-so-useful item.
And the answer to everything is 42.
Yes, it's to commemorate Douglas Adams.

There'll be Cheese Rolling in them thar hills around Gloucestershire, starting at midday.

1861 The Christchurch Press wended its way from a hand-operated printing press out to the public on this day.
For a full history of the newspaper click HERE.

1871 Lordy, those who had more money than sense began playing with it and plying it about the traps when the Sydney Stock Exchange was established.
Coincidence we went into a depression in the 1890s?
Good to see some traditions haven't changed.

1881 A Small Pox epidemic - yeah, that's one nasty that has been eradicated due to sensible parenting and vaccinations - swept through The Rocks like a dose of salts from today for the following 9 months, causing 178 cases to be quarantined and 40 deaths.

1903 The Hattah to Nowingi Railway line opened.
Have a look at cute little Hattah (notice it's a palindrome, readers?) train station HERE
No piccy of Nowingi but twas part of the Mildura Railway Line .
Re-open it already Kosky!
Oh...wait...sorry, your party is only consistent in breaking election promises.

1931  Leopards never changes their spots.
The Premier's Conference on this day vowed to increase tax, decrease wages, pensions and interest rates.

1953 The Bastards Leopards with consistent spots closed the Yarram to Woodside Railway Line.
Click HERE for a shedload of great pics of the various stations along the line.

1978 The Bastion Point protestors, protesting at the loss of land in the Orakei Block, were evicted after 506 days.
To listen to media coverage of the eviction click HERE.

1992 The Kiwis were poised on the edge of their seats - the nation not the flightless bird - when the favourite soapie Shortland Street began.

2004 Jetstar began bounding about the wide blue yonder with it's first flight from Newcastle to Melbourne and then onto to Launceston.

2005 The Late, Great and irreplaceable Graham Kennedy exited the studio for good.
Learn more about the talented funny man HERE.

Frugal Food tips, tricks and recipes to follow in another post.


  1. "There'll be Cheese Rolling in them thar hills around Gloucestershire..."

    We used to have cheese rolling in Lancashire as well until a few years ago when a particularly violent Garstang Blue took exception to being abused in such a manner and bit the head off one of the organisers.

  2. Thank you, Jayne, for starting my Monday off right. :-)

  3. Ahhh... thankfully, it's still the 25th here, so I still have time to launder a towel. I'd hate to start Towel Day off with a dirty one...

  4. I've heard of immature blues going off half-crumbled like that, Brian :P

    You're welcome, Lisa :)

    Excellent, Les!
    Now, when you've done your towel there's a pile of bed sheets :P

  5. LOL! ur posts are a little yawn worthy! wheres the sex/drugs and rock&roll? wheres the other fun stuff... like jumping castles!?!?!
    the people should get what the people want...
    towel day, eh? dont tell my mister... he'll use it as an excuse to chase me around the house trying to towel-snap me... o.O

  6. don't tell my hubby either..... or my kids. and I am joining Smitten Kitteh's revolution!

    Viva la jumping castle!

  7. I've seen cheese rolling on TV, Jayne, it's quite funny to watch, but I wouldn't want to be in the way of one of those cheeses. I used to work in a cheese factory, wrapping 40lb blocks of cheese.

    Smallpox hasn't been completely eradicated, I read a few years ago that there was an isolated case here and there in the world. People need to keep up the immunisations, but doctors will tell you it isn't necessary. My oldest two were immunised against it, but not the younger two.

  8. Ha! I found your jumping castles, B and darling daughter, on the telly!

    Yep, I've got the scar from the vaccine, River, so I won't contribute to the next smallpox plague ;)