Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brother Pele's in the back, sweet Zina's in the front Cruisin' down the freeway in the hot, hot sun May 19

 Today I have plans of running away...or getting to the shops to browse the juicy, delicious, chunky and scrumptious meat section of the butchers at the very least.....

It's Hug Your Cat Day.
I kid you not.
So, go give pusskins a cuddle....should you lack a pussy, go feel up the neighbour's feline (if that isn't too creepy).
Or just sit quietly until the yellow pills are dispensed with your milk....

1846 Explorers Thomas Brunner, Kehu and Charles Heaphy reached Mawhera pa.
Read more about Kiwi explorers HERE.

1915 The Man with The Donkey aka John Simpson (Kirkpatrick) was on this day killed during WW1 at Gallipoli.
After risking his life so many times to bring wounded to safety with the help of his donkey one has to question the idiots in the Army over the fact Simpson has yet to receive even one medal recognising the sacrifice that he made.

1915 Lance Corporal Albert Jacka was the first Aussie to be awarded the Victoria Cross.


  1. Okay.

    I just gave my cat a little hug. Happy?

  2. I don't think my cat wants to be hugged right now.........

  3. "It's Hug Your Cat Day."

    How about strangle your moggy because he nicked the chicken we were supposed to be having for tea and we had to make do with boiled spuds and beans day instead?

  4. "Go feel up your neighbour's feline"

    Um... um... I do so hope my ex does not know it's hug your cat day. He's been known to give the moggies a 'special hug'

  5. Wish someone would hug my pussy.

    I LOVE 'How bizarre' Cool one hit wonder song.

  6. Doesn't matter if I'm happy, Dina, it's your puddy tat that needs to be happy. lol

    Is that the gecko-eating pusskins, B?
    No, somehow I didn't think it would...

    They understand every word we say you know, Brian - that's when you chortle in front of him "Hmmmm, cat - the other white meat".

    With or without de-clawing pussies, Anja ?

    Awww, we should all send a special pat to NZ for your poor, neglected pussy, WS *snort*.
    Yeah, love that song :)

  7. Right now I am applying betadine to a scratch on my arm. It's all your fault!

  8. It always seems as if all wars bring about the most bizarre results. We live and learn.
    Best wishes

  9. Both my cats have been dead for about 6 years now. Would be rather disturbing if I tried to hug them now.

    Might just pat my pussy instead... ohh oops shouldn't say that either ;)

  10. How about I strangle my (many) cats and eat the dog...oh whoops animal cruelty people will get me..CAt is now clawing my leg..thanks Jayne.LOL!

    Great post by the way.

  11. Watch out the cat doesn't offer to kiss it better, Rhubarb !

    Absolutely, Maddy! ;)

    So I should worry if I see you with a spade and a tin of tuna, Marita? I suppose it saves on the kitty litter.... lol :P

    Thanks, Liz, but your dog wouldn't stretch to a full meal :P :)

  12. So it's hug your cat day. Does petting a little pussy count?

    Sorry couldn't help it.