Sunday, May 3, 2009

Burblings from my brain

There's a new way you can do your bit to kick the noxious rabbit in the goolies - hop on over to the Rabbit Scan webite and log in whether there's wascally wanker wodent wabbits on your patch.

Loch is hosting a Sticky Date Pudding competition on May 16th just for laughs, rumbling tummies and fund-raising.
So get your backside down there and enjoy yourself whilst contributing to 2 good causes - your stomach and the Loch Community Development Association.

Mighty Poowong Magpies came good in the 3rd round yesterday, defeating Nyora most convincingly!
22. 13. 145 Poowong
13. 14. 92 Nyora

Wonderful Dunolly Eagles (our home team) have a bye this week so are resting up before they unleash their savage football skills upon Maldon at Maldon.
Read about the fabulous team HERE and be amazed (and not a little stunned) at the MASSIVE score by which they were defeated in 2003 by 455 points.
Yes, 455 points...not a typo.
But that won't happen this season.....

Meeniyan will be holding its Wine Fest on June 6th, but just because it's the anniversary of D-Day doesn't mean you should miss this wonderful day! Tractors and restored vintage Holdens on display, entry FREE.

If you're stuck for a pressie for Mum for next Sunday toss her into the car and take her down to Loch for its Winter Market, plenty of goodies to catch her fancy, fill 'er up on a good meal at one of the local pubs and then drop her back home fully sated for another 12 months.


  1. No bunnies in my garden...just about five hundred greedy cats.

  2. No wascally wabbits here either.

  3. LOTS of rabbits round here!
    Love the photo of Ooh Aah Glenn McGrath.

  4. Send 'em over here, Brian, the fish guts should be ripening nicely for them ;)

    Excellent to hear, River.

    Thought you might have a spare thousand million floating around your neck of the woods, FF ;)
    Glenn McGrath is always easy on the eyes ;)

  5. Even when I try hard, I cannot bring myself to eat something called "sticky date" no matter how good it tastes!
    Wabbit kidneys are another matter however. They should be born with 50 kidneys just for my dining pleasure.
    Wascally wabbits are scarce in the tropics dammit!

  6. Glad to see the word burbling is catching on.. Mr Carroll wull be pleased, cheers Kim