Thursday, May 21, 2009

Christopher Robin is saying his prayers May 21

Seriously, watching some flick about gigantic lizards and snakes doin' their hissy growly thing with really bad CGI and excruciatingly craptastic dialogue with predictable storyline made me start eyeballing  the DVDs Feral Beast hired of The Good Life.
Yes, the ads on the idiot box paid off ("Hey that's the girl off Rosemary and Thyme! She hasn't aged at all mum!" - yes, son, Felicity Kendall is an alien) so we borrowed series 1&3 from the library (because those wishing to torment us had split up the DVDs and sent series 2 & 4 to another branch).
So, yes, we will soon have Penelope Keith's plummy dulcet tones drifting through the lounge....

Can I just mention that not only was Bud Tingwell an absolute gentlemen he was also quite a pin-up spunk back in the day!
Click through the gallery of snap shots (yes, there's one of him as Inspector Craddock with gorgeous Margaret Rutherford, Brian).

Today is Greek Philosophers' Day.
So go Socrates your Plato up an Aristotle.
With bells on!

1840 Not happy enough with a mere bay in Port Phillip Bay named after him William Hobson claimed Brit Sovereignty for the whole of the Shaky Isles.

1866 City Council in NZ was in a financial pickle so dumped the drainage idea, flogged off the pricy pipes and ChCh gained the rep for being the most polluted Kiwi city for another two decades.

1906 Aussies extended a warm welcome to the training Japanese Naval Squadron that popped in for a visit  - we weren't at each others throats...yet - until the Japanese-Russo War sparked the California School Board Crisis and we were told to stop playing and sharing our toys with the Japanese.

1985 During the Homosexual Law Reforms in NZ ( or Hom-o-sex-u-al for the rednecks who like to assign a whole suburb to the word) the Bigot Busters rally was held in the Wellington Town Hall to the applause of the 1,400 who attended.


  1. The Good Life? Dear God, hand me a revolver somebody...

  2. It's called, Good neighbors here and I just reserved the complete series from the library. Don't you just love boxed sets!

    Couldn't resist checking it out after Brian's comment. I did like Rosemary and Thyme.

  3. Shall we plant you in the vegie patch or the compost heap, Brian? :P

    I don't think we got the full 4 series here in Oz, Elizabeth, so I'm hanging out to wander down memory lane lol :)

  4. I thought that it was pronounced ho-muh-sexyal. But maybe rednecks here say it a little differently.

  5. Greek Philosopher's Day.

    That reminds me to watch "History of the World, Part One" again.

    The unemployment office is a crack up.

  6. Brian goes into the compost Jayne. Fresh sh*t isn't good for the veggies. He needs to break down and mature or age or whatever it is compost does.
    I liked Rosemary and Thyme much more than I did The Good Life.

  7. History of The World part one, Anja? I've got that somewhere, must watch it again. Wanders over to the shelf....

  8. Homer, Evyl?
    You getting all philosophical on me? :P

    Indeed, Anja ;)

    Brian needs to add to the soil layer to frustrate future archaeologists, River?

  9. Memories. Preston Library had a nasty habit of always sending the second of anything (book, DVD, magazine etc) over to Northcote. Way frustrating.