Sunday, May 31, 2009

Corny chocolately May 31

Exciting stuffs today, readers!
People went 'sploring, choccie was getting cooked and the cornflake made its only attempt to take over the Universe.

At the lapidary club, to which Feral Beast belongs, an older member is dying of cancer and has begun generously giving away his belongings to people he knows will appreciate them.
All the junior club members were given boxes, like the one below, yesterday with a mixture of this gentleman's metal cast pieces, specimens, polishing, slicing and jewellery pieces from over the years.
Click for larger image.
Feral Beast doesn't know him very well, obviously the chap has been too ill to attend the club for quite some time, but The Spouse said all of the kids showed their appreciation properly by shaking the gentleman's hand and thanking him, and the huge smiles of delight gave him an equal measure of happiness as that of the recipients.
One of the mums made the typical parental comment,"Thank goodness all that nagging about manners paid off, especially in a moment like this!"
Just when you think things have fallen on deaf ears....your kids come through and behave like civilised members of the human race thereby negating the urge to unhinge your lower jaw to devour your young.

1813 Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson finally found a goat track over the Blue Mountains...and thus did themselves out of their only excuse to get out of the washing up.

1884 Cornflakes were patented by whatshisname Kellogg.
They've just never been the same since they invented that milk stuff.

1922 The Empire Settlement Act muscled its way onto the world stage with the sole intention of plonking Brit settlers on The Land in the Fair Isle of Oz.

1925 Te Haahi Ratana was established as a separate church in NZ.
For more information click HERE.

1926 NZ was admitted to the Imperial Cricket Conference (now known as the International Cricket Council).
Which meant they were finally out of their short pants.

1928 Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate was first produced at Claremont in Tassie.
But with the "new recipe" and downsizing the 250gm 220gm 200gm block there's unhappy women all over the shop.
UNHAPPY I tell you!!!!
Nestle is looking damn fine.
Can you hear me, Mr "Lets-dump-vegie fat-in-and-make-the-blocks-tiny" Cadbury?!
Oooo, Smarties....yummmmmmm
My mouth and tongue are having a party with those Smarties as I type this...and, yes, I do eat the red ones last!


  1. The little devils always show their true colours out in public. They save bad manners and attitude for home.

    Bet it goes right back to cave dwellers.

    How nice for all parties involved. A collection that won't be sitting gathering dust and a good start/addition for younger members.

  2. " older member is dying of cancer and has begun generously giving away his belongings to people he knows will appreciate them."

    Me and Michelle would really appreciate a new house in Australia.

  3. "1922 The Empire Settlement Act muscled its way onto the world stage with the sole intention of plonking Brit settlers on The Land in the Fair Isle of Oz."

    And NZ, and Canada ... Thanks, though. I hadn't been aware of the Empire Settlement Act until your post. According to Te Ara, the largest group of assisted migrants in the inter-war period last century came out here under that Act.

  4. I'm more of an MMs fan myself.

    Besides I thought Nestle were evil baby killers?

  5. Wow - what a big day.

    Firstly - gorgeous rocks!! An old mate of my Dad's was into his rocks, but had a nasty habit of putting them in really cheap settings. Polished and plain is the best way to appreciate, I think (well, either that or spend more than $5 on the setting).

    Was Kellogg the guy who had a thing about religion and vegetarianism and fell out with his brother - we had an interesting internet tour once looking for peanut butter and found out more about masturbation and water rituals than we had contemplated!

  6. Exactly, Elizabeth, it's a conspiracy to keep parents on the edge of their seat!
    The chap got a huge kick from the pleasure the kids had when opening the boxes, he stayed longer than he intended.

    I'll lend you some wattle and daub, Brian, and my 3 1/2 acres.... :P

    Ahh, cool, Lisa. I hadn't realised it effected NZ and Canada, too, as it only mentioned Oz.

    Probably, Marita, but I'm liking the no artificial colours thang lol.

    Yep, the setting can detract so much if it's not right, Jeanie.
    Yep, I think that's the guy...although masturbation at this hour of the morning, along with water rituals, are doing my foggy head in LOL.
    I think I'll skip cereal and head straight for the toast ;)

  7. Masturbation and water rituals? Sounds like a plan.

    Nestles may be evil baby killers, but their chocolate is divine. Hmm, chocolate covered baby... yummy.

  8. What a lovely gesture from the old gentleman. And so nice to read that all that "manners!!" coaching does sink in.

    I love cornflakes, I eat them dry straight from the box, (ditto nutri-grain and coco-pops.)
    I saw the article in today's Sunday Mail about Mars Australia downsizing it's Mars Bars, Snickers; further into the article I read that all 90 of Mars products will be downsized, with prices remaining the same, their reasoning is that they are doing the public a favour, it's all about portion control, the bigger bars have too many calories etc. etc. blah, blah, blah.

  9. I've boycotted Smarties since they introduced the blue ones, then when M&M's included blue ones I had to stop buying them too. I'm allergic to the blue colouring.

  10. wow! That was a terrific score for the club kids!

    They know how to behave when they need to lol

  11. I was going to mention the link between Cornflakes and wanking but I've been beaten to it. Harrumph.

    Memo to River above: Due to consumer pressure, the company that makes Smarties (is it Nestle?) has done away with artificial colourings so you might be able to partake now. Not that it will change your life or anything.