Monday, May 18, 2009

Fab photo & history blog - Fading Victoria

Noticed one of my (many) favourite blogs was updated today - Fading Victoria.
I don't know Rowan Crowe from a bar of soap but I've enjoyed his photo blog for several years now, his eye for detail and the way he finds the quirky out-of-the-way places, the contrasting subjects and, most of all, the history that lurks within every shot.
Doing exactly as his blog promises...
"a photographer documents a handful of sites located in the state of Victoria, Australia -- before they fade away completely..."

How much greener can your car get when it's got a tree in the engine bay?
Beaut little cottage now demolished but preserved on film.
A country cemetery playing hide and seek with Mother Nature.
Remains of the once-stately Richmond House in Talbot.
Don't stop at the first page, there's plenty more on page 2.
And page 3.
And page 4.
Page 5.
And some history tidbits.

So, shift yer bum and have a gander at some really great photos of houses and places that are both on and off the well-worn tracks around Victoria, some that are still standing and others that are but a memory in one of Rowan Crowe's photos.


  1. They started coming through to me last night and what a nice surprise to find them all this morning. Aren't they great.

  2. I love that Fading Victoria site. I love old buildings and acres of property.

  3. When I saw that the site was called Fading Victoria I thought it was a blog about Posh Spice's waitline.

  4. Amazing site. Thank you for the link.

  5. They're always enjoyable, Andrew :)

    I could spend hours - and I do - going through those photos, River lol.

    Her waistline or career, Brian? :P

    You're welcome, Marita ;)

  6. Thanks for posting a link to this on my blog. I love it. It makes me yearn to head to the country with my camera in hand (which I will be doing in July). I can't wait.

  7. Thought it might be your cuppa tea, Jayne ;)