Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday is Fish Day, get the spuds chipped May 8

Am wriggling with excitement because tomorrow I might, just might get to walk to Carnegie and run amok through Spotlight.
Yes, I'm quite sad, really.
And then the Spotlight employees have to run around behind me wiping up my drool *sigh*.

1839 Poor old John Batman was interred at the Old Melbourne Cemetery....which is now part of the car park for the Queen Victoria Market.
Don't panic - Batman's bits got reburied elsewhere.
Approximately 10,000 bodies didn't.
Think Poltergiest................

1876 Trugernanner aka Truganini died on this day.
Read more about her HERE.
Midnight Oil's song Truganini.

1888 Better sit down for this one, Lynne-baby, it's a doozie!
Make sure you click on the links I climbed mountains for some of these pics just for you, dear reader!
Moe to Thorpdale railway line began trundling trains.
Royal Park Junction line to heritage-listed Clifton Hill station opened.
Heritage-listed Clifton Hill (again) section to Heidelberg Station was up and running.
Sale to Stratford Junction line was opened.
Nicolson street and Fitzroy opened as part of the Inner Circle Railway.
Stratford to Bairnsdale line section was opened.

1903 Having become rather enamoured of rail transport the strike by engine drivers and firemen was the first disruption of a public utility on such a large scale.
The strike was called off on the 15th when Victorian Govt pushed the Coercion Act through parliament.

1970 Kiwi John Rowles hit the number one spot with Cheryl Moana Marie.

Just to cheer Nomes up, here's some old lost places and towns from around the general area of Ipswich in Qld.
Ipswich was formerly Bremer River.
Grandchester (to the west) was once called Bigge's Camp (show off).
East of Toowoomba is Murden which became Frenchton then became Minden.
South of Ipswich is One Eye's Waterhole better known these days as Millbong.
Last but not least - Stinking Gully got a clean up and a new name = Fernvale.


  1. I think I prefered the old place names. Here in Blighty you know that anywhere with a 'Pleasant' in its title is going to be a total shithole, whilst places such as 'Slaughter Row' or 'Abatoir Bottom' are usually extremely scenic.

  2. LOL Brian, yep, the old place names are the best, they usually summed up some dastardly deed or local feature before the PC police formed a re-naming committee and sanitised everything.

  3. **sobs** do I love thee, let me count the ways.

  4. Ah, 1970, John Rolls, "Share A Banana With Me". Good times! Couldn't stand the song...

  5. You have to admit, Fernvale sounds better than Stinking Gully.

    Poltergeist is one of my favourite movies.