Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting all hunter-gatherer-ish...

I loves me some fishing, have I mentioned that before?
The sitting on a cold hard surface till your bum turns numb, barely feeling the line/rod in your hands through the bajillion pairs of mittens and the thermos of sweet black tea is finished before you get the bait on the hook.
All at dawn or dusk.
Fish are very anti-social creatures to choose these times to meet and greet the yummy baited hooks.
Lots of local and not-so-local lakes have been stocked with yummy fishies for us hoomans (as Liz's felines would say) to get back in touch with our inner caveman and go kill something for the dinner table.
I shall be soon dragging Feral Beast along to perch precariously on a oh-so-very slight out-crop over a body of water, somewhere, to provide for the Tribe's meals.
We shall be gone for quite some time.............


  1. I used to go fishing in my dim and distant youth. The only thing that ever spoilt it was actually catching a fish once.

  2. Hope you didn't kiss and release it like one of Oz's celebrity fisherperson's has wont to do, Brian!

  3. I went fishing once. Caught nothing.

  4. I LOVE fishing! Its the best fun you can have with your pants on I always say...
    I have a hubby who is brilliant at the hunting's the gathering he struggles with...