Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hmmm gotta love that Deep Fried Shit on a Stick.

Does Australia have a national dish?
Meat pie? Rabbit stew? Deep Fried Shit On A Stick?
Whatever it is, it's probably swimming in a tub full of lard and a side serving of greens would be peppermint ice cream for sweets.

I know of parents who say...
"I'm just getting the kids take away as a treat".
It's not a treat when it's 7 days a week.
Your kids think a treat is home cooked vegies.
"I can't be bothered cooking, let's get take away for a change"
When you're a SAH mum you're supposed to be bothered cooking.
And "for a change" doesn't count when you've bought burgers 3 nights in a row.
You're just a fat lazy slapper.

"Just something different for a snack"
Nope, $10 worth of hot chips for morning and afternoon tea EVERY day for 2 kids doesn't count as a snack.
You're just stuffing them to shove an apple in their gobs for their turn on the spit, aren't you?

When a home cooked meal equates to spuds fried in an electric frying pan with stock cubes, water and a can of corned beef added there is something very wrong with that family's concept of nutrition.
When a person states they would rather get the chicken nuggets full of rubbish instead of the proper chicken breast nuggets because "they're cheaper and they've never done me any harm"...
Or someone's idea of vegetables is packets of frozen mixed vegies and REFUSING to buy fresh or anything other than frozen peas, bean, corn and carrots...there's something not right.
When a mother states to a child who wants to play cricket "Cricket's gay, you're not playing any more sport except footy. I've got a enough running you to all the footy matches in Winter without having to do the same thing for stupid cricket."
And then follows it up with "Thank god my other child doesn't want to play sport anymore, he's happy to sit and play Grand Theft Auto for hours - keeps him really quiet and I can read my Catherine Cookson books in peace."
When a kid is invited to a party and stares at a quiche because she's never seen capsicum or egg before...when a kid stays for tea and refuses to eat the vegies coz they've never eaten cauliflower in their life and have no idea what it is....when a kid argues with a doctor that sausages are full of vitamins (shhhh Brian)...when a child believes fish only come in the form of fish fingers and refuses to eat fresh fish only because they've never seen one before....when kids have no farking idea where milk or beef or bacon come from...
When kids have increased learning difficulties, medical problems and  will probably die before their parents -and these problems are directly attributable to poor diet choices - but we cannot discuss weight loss, diets and exercise without causing upset There.Is.Something.Very.Wrong!

This is why you're fat. 

Edit- I am NOT referring to anyone I know online; the above mentioned parents are people I know in real life and who do not blog.


  1. When I have the joyous task of doing the antenatal clinic, it goes like this.

    Me: How much do you drink?
    Her: One or two glasses a week.

    I look at her florid complexion and treble that.

    Me: How many times a week do you eat fast food?
    Her: Every now and then.

    I'm looking down at the toddler in the pram with Coke in its bottle.

    There's more than one way to abuse your kids; and a lot of it is done before they're born.

  2. Oh, look at all that yummy bad food. I'm hungry now.

  3. And they seem to be Teflon when commonsense tries to slap 'em upside the head, Anja!

    Cheeky bugger, DrewAn :P

  4. "spuds fried in an electric frying pan with stock cubes, water and a can of corned beef added.."
    UGH! Sounds absolutely awful. Also canned corned beef (yes, I've tried it) is the saltiest, fattiest way to eat corned beef. Canned ham is also too salty.
    I buy frozen vegetables, but only peas and corn, the beans and carrots in my freezer are the ones I grew last summer, any other greens I eat are bought fresh on the day i want to cook them. my freezer also contains hash browns, but they're L's not mine, I can't stand the fatty tastelessness.
    I know afew kids who don't eat fresh fruit, they prefer canned because that's all they've ever had. Some of the younger checkout operators don't know all the vegetables that we sell either, but they learn what they are pretty quickly. There are a few less usual ones, such as chokoes and custard apples that have a short season, so a lot of people don't recognise them.
    When I was a SAH, I cooked all the time for my family, even making my own chips to have with our homemade burgers.
    Today, I spent the entire morning cooking for the freezer.

  5. P.S. I love that This Is Why You're Fat site. I go there often, just to get horrified.

  6. One surefire way to avoid fast food - live deep in the Aussie bush! We are a two hour round trip from the nearest KFC, and a 6 hour round trip from Maccas.

    The kids do get it as a treat once every couple of months, but aren't all that fussed on the food. It's the toys they are really after... which is a whole other discussion!!!

    PS My naughty treat when in the Big Smoke? Subway or doner kebabs!!!

  7. Damn there are some scary menu items there huh?
    I too have known people like this. In fact some of them live around me still.
    It's got to be close to child abuse, surely?

  8. "...when a kid argues with a doctor that sausages are full of vitamins (shhhh Brian)..."

    What? I'm not saying a word. Not with the mood you two are in. I value my own sausage and two veg far too highly for that.

  9. I love that site, too, River, for the same shock factor lol.

    We've found some Maccas will sell the toys separately, BB, if you really want to avoid the food, but every couple of months is waaaay healthier than most kids I know!

    I reckon it should be if it isn't already, Mo.

    LOL Brian. Tis ok, clouds have dispersed and all is smooth sailing (I hope) ;)

  10. I reckon that is child abuse.

    some parent's need a swift slap up the side of the head....... repeatedly.

  11. it is a form of child abuse. people are too fat and lazy to get off their ass and prosecute parents for it though... and mostly coz their doing it themselves...

    you know the saying "he who is without sin..." well... you know the rest...

  12. sad but true there are people like that !

    My own kids do not eat chicken nuggets (make my own and they barely eat them) ...

    I cooked a whole baked snapper the other night and the littles ate it ...finally someone else in the family likes fish!

    Still I admit a weakness for hotchips.

  13. Yep, I reckon it is a form of abuse.

    Yay Trish! Getting kids to try something different is half the battle won already ;)
    Hot chips now and then are ok but everyday is just wrong.