Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hope you all had brekkie in bed...and you Mothers didn't spoil the menfolk too much (tongue in cheek)

Today is the Feast Day of St Job, patron saint of ulcer sufferers.
Yes, that means you have your very own patron to rant at whilst scoffing down a tub of antacid.

It's also Clean Up Your Room Day.
You'll have to believe me and do exactly that or I'll rake up every last item on your bedroom floor and toss it into the rubbish.
Because it's Mother's Day!
Have a happy day all you mothers out there.

1824 Great grandfather x a bajillion Sir John Pedder pitched up on the shores of Tassie to take over as Chief Justice.

A few weeks back I read about this bloke who's learning and doing all he can about harvesting good old wattle seed as an alternative crop with the changing weather patterns and lack of rainfall.

1960 Against over-whelming opposition an all-white All Black team went on the South African rugby tour.
Not many were impressed and a popular folk song My Old Man's An All Black hit the charts, having a dig or 3 at the Maori-less team.


  1. I actually did that one time...raked the floor and threw the lot out...didn't have too much trouble after that...funny huh?
    Have a great Mothers Day hon!

  2. LOL It works every time, Mo ;)
    You have a lovely day, too :)

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you : )

    We're actually celebrating it on Australia time--not because my family is honoring my obsession. It just worked better on everyone's schedule.

  4. LOL, perfect :)
    Have a great day, Dina :)

  5. I hope you had a pleasant Mother's Day, Jayne. Out of historical interest have you seen this article by Bill Kauffman on opposition (in the U.S.) to Mother's Day at Front Porch Republic (

  6. "Because it's Mother's Day!"

    We had Mother's Day here in Blighty a couple of months back. My cat gave me a dead sausage he'd caught in the alley for breakfast.

  7. Thank you, MCB. Esq, I had a lovely time :)
    LOL those senators were odd people back in the day ;)

    Errr, a 'dead sausage' being of a pork product, I assume, Brian, and not something left over from Thatcher?

  8. LOL Annie, pass the chocolate and let St Job do his job ;)

    Hope you had a relatively decent one, B *mwah*

  9. ROFL clean up your room day on mothers day. The irony. I hope you had a fabulous day also.