Monday, May 18, 2009

I don't like Mondays, I do not like them Sir Bob I Am (or whatever you're calling yourself these days oh great guru of the great unwashed masses)

It's Monday again, have you noticed?
Damn day swings around faster and faster each month.
I could swear someone's stuck an extra Monday in during the week....substituted a Wednesday here and a Thursday there for a random Monday.
Just the smell of Mondayitis is enough to burn holes in the Ozone layer.
That...and teenage boys dirty sock collection under the bed.

It's International Museum Day!!!!
Guess where I'm spending the day?
Yep, that's right...doing housework...

1854 First public railway in The Fair Isle of Oz was the Goolwa to Port Elliot dobbin-drawn train.Check out this link HERE for more dirty details.

1881 The Christchurch Boys High School dragged 82 of its future inmates kicking and screaming inside to their doom of the Three R's welcomed the future generation to higher learning.
For a fab photo to feast your eyeballs on click HERE.

1953 The 100,000th 48-215 rolled off the Fisherman's Bend assembly line.
You may know it better as the original FX Holden.
Adore the beautiful curves and lines and symmetry HERE.
Adore it, I say!

1966 Passing of the Maori King Koroki Te Rata Mahuta Tawhiao Potatau Te Wherowhero.
For his full biography click HERE.

1996 Fitzroy Football Club - remember that extinct beast, boys and girls? - celebrated its final victory as a solo club when they crushed slaughtered whipped annihilated won against Fremantle Dockers 16.11.107 to 10.16.76.


  1. "It's Monday again, have you noticed?"

    Nope...possibly because it's still Sunday afternoon here in old Blighty. I can tell it's Sunday afternoon because it's raining.

  2. These days this peer f the realm would struggle to know day it is..
    He clearly had NFI when he and Paula named their kids, and it's been a few years since that happened....
    I love me the opportunity to visit the rellies {read stuffed animals}

  3. You'll have the fire going by 4.30pm, Brian, with the cat on your head by 7pm.
    Monday is shaping up to be slightly better ;)

    LOL Mo! I thought I noticed an elongated resemblance when I last saw the Elephant Bird on display :P

  4. The silicon chip inside my head gets switched to overload......

    And yes, I had to read the Chaplin story, those kidnappers were right Charlies !!!!

  5. Adore the FX indeed, but don't drive it. A better alternative is a bathtub and a set of oars.

  6. Tell me shy I hate ...housework on Monday's tell me why...

    Yeah no museum for me either. Washing by the truck load...mutter

    Hey thanks for your input on my Land of Gonzo post too. Really appreciated your insight. Be putting up a new post about stuff on that subject.

    Like my new Transformation?Blog Troll suit fits this time..

  7. Oh, weren't they just, WS LOL!

    And a lovelier bathtub I have yet to adore, Andrew ;)

    LOL Liz, love the troll doll look, the pink hair suits you!
    Land of Gonzo was a great post, my son enjoyed reading it, too :)

  8. Damn Monday is back again. Thankfully almost over now. I spent the day doing housework also :)

  9. We can kick the day to the kerb shortly, Marita YAY!