Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love horse racing? Pass the mustard and sharpen your cutlery!

The racing world in Victoria has been turned on its head with all jumps racing suspended until the Fat Lady Sings and a decision is made whether to ban it outright or not.
With 5 horses dead inside one week pundits are squealing that the number isn't high, that 'wowsers' have no idea about horses, one trainer has threatened to shoot the animals he professes to love and send one of theirs heads to the Racing Minister, Rob Hulls.

Yeah,over the years I've loved my dogs, cats, chooks, goats, cows et el but I've never actually been moved enough to promise to shoot them and send their head to someone.
Must be a flaw in my genetic make-up.

See, many trainers are saying they're going to euthanise their gee-gees simply because they're not suited to galloping on the flats.
*Warning images may be upsetting in the following link* 
The jumps races aren't always where broken-down horses end up when their racing career is over.
It's usually the knackery.
And don't assume there's only the pet food industry that gobbles up the failed race horses - Australia boasts 2 Belgian-owned abattoirs that slaughter horses bound for dinner tables in Europe.
And as only 20% of their chunky fetlocks come from feral horses (brumbys) guess where most of the remaining 80% comes from?
Yep, the nag you lost $5 on in race 2.
Trailing the field one minute, lolling about in gravy and minted peas the next, the life of a race horse is such a 'rich' experience.
Don't assume it's a piddly industry, either, with export profits of 2006/2007 of $10.3 million.
But, hang on...these trainers and owners love their horses.
They love 'em so much the majority of the neddies are going to be put down.
How many will end up on Europe's best dinner services after The Fat Lady Sings, I wonder?


  1. I have always had a particular hatred of the racing industry, now that hatred has been enhanced. *shudders*

  2. I can say that horse racing hasn't interested me for years. I study its history these days, and that's about it.

    I'd be interested to hear how that jumps ban pans out. First equine flu, now this -- I'm wondering just how the Aussie racing industry will go. I've always felt that jumps, even here in NZ, were just crazy.

  3. "See, many trainers are saying they're going to euthanise their gee-gees simply because they're not suited to galloping on the flats."

    All the inbreds here in Blighty said the same thing about their dogs when fox hunting was banned.

    If you want my opinion, you should ban the races, save the horses as a tourist attraction and have the trainers put to sleep because they're incapable of singing any other f******g song.

  4. Can't say as it's ever been my cup of tea, either, Anja.

    Yep, same here, Lisa, the history is interesting but the practice is not great shakes.
    Oh, you'll probably hear the squeals of the wounded from your house if the ban goes through!

    Abso-farking-lutely, Brian.
    I like your way of thinking ;)

  5. I didn't click the link because I knew what I'd racing is akin to frigging bull fighting in my mind...

  6. Too many horses bred by amoral avaricious mongrels, Mo, the same as the bulls.

  7. if it was 5 jockeys, god forbid 5 trainers or owners, dead inside one week i bet "the industry" wouldn't be squealing that the number isn't high!

  8. You've nailed it there, Kuaka ;)

  9. God, don't get me started. I'm late but I can't help commenting. Excellently put Jayne! Hear, hear to Brian also. It is long past time for massive reforms and scrutiny into this cashed up industry. There should be plenty of money from the mug punters to put aside for horse welfare. Restrictions on breeding practices would be a fantastic start. Sickening end to the week last week, but as you say it has been going on without much scrutiny for a very long time.