Thursday, May 28, 2009

Manky Minki May 28

At the op shop the other day I found a pair of brand new tartan trews (trousers).
What do you mean "The Bay City Rollers are dead and buried" ?
Not while I've got breath in my body and I can chant 'Woody! Woody' with all the zeal of a middle-aged groupie!

Look, proof that I do try out the recipes I unleash on you all...and yes, they are edible!
Baked Banana Pudd
Cherry Sweetie Cake with Blueberries and cream.

 Today is Whale Day.
Where you get to join Greenpeace in rolling me back into the ocean.
And taste a little marinated Minki on Melba Toast for morning tea.

1881 Worcester was blessed by a shower of crabs and periwinkles from on high.
Worcester got crabs.
Why, yes, I can revert to schoolyard humour...why do you ask?

1902 The Boer War came to an end; a conflict that claimed 600 Aussie and 229 Kiwi lives.
For more info on this little mentioned war click HERE and HERE.

1914 Ooooooo, Lynne Kosky - imagine what would happen if a whole new rural railway line opened today, just like the Navarre to Ben Nevis line did back in 1914?!
No, you're right....only in our dreams....

1919 Arky-sparky electricty had the trains sprinting from Sandringham to Essendon.
These days they can only manage a slow stroll.

1919 They were suffering from over-heated brains, surely, when they also opened the Nandaly to Mittyack rail line, too?!
At least that's what we'd tell our Public Transport minister to avoid her having conniptions in the street.

1955 Christchurch wasn't quite celebrating when they got their first parking meters.

1968 Sydney underworld figure Joe Borg was done a nasty mischief by a car bomb at Bondi; his will included a $250,000 bequest to the RSPCA which was used to establish a new animal shelter at Yagoona which now desperately needs an upgrade.

1968 Mz Singing Budgie Kylie Minogue was pupped.
You know, the one with sister Ddaannii forever in her shadow...

2003 Prometea was the first cloned dobbin to darken our international doorstep.


  1. You mean Les donchya? Woody... pfft, you can have him! lol

  2. Better not be the Campbell tartan. My clan has been at war with them for centuries.

  3. "Today is Whale Day."

    Judging by the amount of puddings you've been cooking, this does not surprise me.

  4. What clan? Makes a big difference I'm sure.

  5. LOL Antikva, sounds like a happy trade if I take Woody and you take Les ;)
    BTW I heard on the grapevine he still pops out to Oz now and then to do a minor singing tour...Les that is, not Woody ;)

    Yours too, Andrew?!
    Nah, tis more of a blue Stewart tartan.

    Exactly, Brian.
    It's my dastardly plot to feed everyone to the whales :P

    Stewart tartan, I think, Elizabeth, I'll pop a photo in tomorrow.
    Clan tiffs can still be savage centuries later!

  6. HAHA CLAN TIFF! My mister and i are from warring clans! LOL!
    i think... either that or we faugh side by side..

    MAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!! what war were we fightin?

  7. The scots are a funny brew!!

    Part of my family hedge were from the wavering boundary between Anglos and Scots - I learned very early to temper my tartans!!

    My grandmother always claimed a strong Scots heritage - and had a rather strong aversion to the Irish "because they had pushed the Picts" out of their homeland (I prefer to blame her Irish MIL)

  8. Yes Jayne, he does ;-) I am a Roller tragic from way back, I even found a pic of me wearin' me trews! [which btw, will never be shown in public lol]

    My friend used to kiss the tv screen every time Woody was shown, so funny!

  9. Gawd child, The Battle of Cullodden!
    His clan was on the same side as ours.

    LOL Jeanie, biting the tongue is a gift ;)

    LOL Antikva, I won't mention my friend who would dress up in her tartan gear just to watch the Rollers on Countdown ;)

  10. my GOD woman! What is with all the recipes? I think i just put on a kilo reading, and now will have to buy new skirts after eating them all.

    Ommmm nommmm nommmm

  11. There's more to come, Mz Kelley ;)