Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27...all day till midnight!

Another exciting day, another collection of random events that plopped themselves down on this date in history and demanded a Devonshire Tea.
Hmmmm scones, jam and cream....

I'm attempting to knit socks on a trio of double pointed needles that could double (a pun!) as poky pointy torture devices.
Bugger that dull-as-ditchwater waterboarding crap in Gitmo (another pun!), give 'em some yarn, needles and a pattern to make socks.
I guarantee they'll crack inside 10 mins....15 for the really tough nuts.

Watch out for the Top End termites...they're being examined for methane emissions.
Yes, I am serious.

1854 The Shaky Isles first Parliament, properly titled a General Assembly, was opened in such a small building in Auckland it was nicknamed the Shedifice.
For more details click HERE.

1915 The railway line from Swan Hill to Piangil opened.
I really don't think you're paying attention here, Kosky...Kosky?...KOSKY?
*crickets chirping*

1967 The referendum to add amendments to the constitution which allowed Fed. Govt to legislate for Aboriginals was held and passed to an over-whelming majority.
For further information click HERE.

 1977 This delightful rail motor RM 91 was the last to make the run from gorgeous Mansfield train station to Melbourne.

1982 Victorian Premier John Cain (jnr) declared the State of Victoria to be up shyte creek without a paddle a nuclear-free state.

1987 Death of celebrated Kiwi artist and university lecturer Colin McCahon.
Read more about his life HERE.

1994 The not-quite-final-but-it-was-at-the-time passenger service from Ballarat to Ararat slipped along the rails.
But was reopened - commonsense prevailed!!!- in 2004.

Banana Pudd to tempt your tastebuds in todays Frugal Foods at 2:01pm....


  1. "Hmmmm scones, jam and cream...."

    You're at it again...and here am I giving my bowels the biggest thrashing of their lives by trying to stick to undigestible salads..."Banana Pudd to tempt your tastebuds..."

    Okay, that's done it. I've chucked the rice cakes in the bin. Now what did I do with those bangers and mash?

  2. Poor Lynne. She is only still there because Brumby would not want to sacrifice another minister in the transport portfolio.

  3. lol my word verification is perfect, after the trouble I have gone through to try and get a comment on today - persiest!

    I can't even remember what my comment was going to be - although I think trying to comment when Firefox decides it is not allowing ANY pop-ups is up there with knitting socks (okay, maybe not quite so bad) as torture options.

  4. Plenty of potassium in 'nanas, Brian, and fruit in jam, dairy in cream, wheatgrain in scones...perfectly healthy!

    He'd probably have a riot on his hands if he tried to fob it off onto anyone else now, Andrew ;)

    LOL glad you did 'persiest' Jeanie ;)